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Reasons Why Living Like a Spartan Will Improve Your Life



You may not consider yourself to be a trained fighter, but living a more strict, sparse, and regimented lifestyle will only help you to achieve more.  Whether you want to get fit and buff, learn how to defend yourself, or simply strengthen your mental fortitude, look to ancient Sparta for inspiration. Nearly everything you do in your life can be bettered by starting to think, act, and think like a Spartan. So, turn on the period film of your liking, get into character, and prepare to become a Spartan.

Spartans Only Carried What They Needed 

In your quest for a fulfilled life, you are going to tackle a lot of obstacles. You will need to conquer your fear of holding onto a bunch of stuff that you have no need for, just as you will need to get over not being able to make impulse buys. So, your first stop should be to a storage facility to lighten your load – at least for now. Pack away all of the items that you are not using on a daily basis. In particular, check out storage unit options San Bernardino County if you are located on the west coast. With a smartly furnished apartment and fewer personal items weighing you down, the world will soon become your proverbial oyster.

Spartans Traveled All Over

A lot of people say that they want to travel, and in the next breath, lament over all the reasons why they can’t get out and see the world. Now, if you thought like a Spartan, you would know better than to come up with excuses as to why you can’t travel. All you need to do in reality is make a plan and then execute it. If money is stopping you from traveling, then you have even more reason to eat and live like a Spartan. Maybe it’s a fear of flying that has stopped you from traveling as you want? Well then, thinking like a Sparta will help to shape your mind and aid you in getting over your aversion to airplanes and heights. 

Spartans Aspired to Conquer the World  

In the event that you are totally satisfied with life as it is, and you wouldn’t dream of making a single change, then ancient Sparta might not be your cup of tea. However, if you are like most people, you could do with a little change. No, you don’t actually need to learn how to wield a sword or actually set out to conquer the world, but you can certainly take control of your own. Start to live for today and know that you will have a better tomorrow.

While the idea is a bit more than tongue-in-cheek, modern people really can live more fulfilled lives if they just simplify things. Putting some of your extra stuff into storage will give you space to move around, help to clear your mind, and give you time to determine what your needs are versus your wants. Using ancient Greek warriors as inspiration to become a better person is a great idea if it gets the job done.

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