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Read the Ultimate Guide Before Buying Major Home Appliances



Properly functioning appliances can help a household run efficiently. After all, these appliances are integral to the comfort of the inhabitants. Even a minor glitch in the working of a single appliance can become a reason for discomfort. Therefore, it is important for people to inspect home appliances before they finally purchase a product.

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Take a look at the buying guide below:

  • Refrigerators: Before selecting a fridge, buyers must consider two essential things.
  • Available space in the kitchen.

Users must consider the space for the fridge before purchasing the product. Also, they must ensure enough area for air circulation after installation of the appliance.

  • Food buying and usage habits.

If a person buys more fresh food items than frozen, then he/she will need a refrigerator having considerable storage space. In case he/she buys frozen foods, then he/she should get refrigerators having greater freezer space.

  • Air conditioners

During summers, air conditioners act as lifesavers. Nevertheless, markets presently are teeming with these appliances. However, before buyers fall for their attractive features, they must base their purchase decision on the following factors:

  • Floor size of the room

Buyers must first have a near accurate estimate of the room’s size in which they wish to install the air conditioner. Customers can refer to the following size guides for purchasing an AC.

  1. For small rooms up to 120-140 square feet, air-conditioners with a capacity of 1 ton shall suffice.
  2. Rooms measuring between 150 and 180 square feet would require air conditioners having a capacity of 1.5 tonnes.
  3. Larger rooms of 180 to 240 square feet need air conditioners with 2 tonnes capacity.
  • Energy efficiency

Air conditioners with higher energy efficiency have lower electricity bills, therefore, adding a lot to the savings of the users.

If users need the AC for more than four hours every day, then 4 or 5 star rated air-conditioners are the best picks. Those who use this appliance for lesser time periods, three-star ratings work well.

In general, prospective buyers can opt for air conditioners having three-star ratings at least. It is because these are great power savers and have greater price advantages when compared to five-star rated air conditioners.

For detailed ratings, prices and greater feature specifications, buyers can browse through the online or offline sellers on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Herein, buyers can purchase their ACs on EMI, and repay at their convenience.

  • Washing machines

Washing machines are another vital appliance in every household. Buyers must keep in mind a few necessary things before purchasing a new washing machine.

  • Drum/tub material

Tubs come in three types: plastic, porcelain-enamel, and stainless steel. The first two are cheaper, though plastic has greater durability than enamel. Amongst the three, stainless steel tubes are the most durable ones since they’re resistant to chipping and rusting. Plus, they can also stand high spin speeds.

  • Temperature control

Machines having inbuilt heaters can help adjust the water temperature, which can be particularly useful in winter. Plus, warm water can clean clothes better.

  • Spin cycle

The higher the revolutions or spins per minute, the better the machine dries the clothes.

In addition to this, buyers must also note the noise levels of their home appliances. In fact, before buying an appliance, one must do a thorough inspection. This inspection can also be based on information displayed on sites that describe about EMI products. SO, keep your problems at bay with a planned, informed decision.

Shailendra Kumar is an experienced financial advisor who has 5+ years experience in the field of finance and e-Commerce. He has worked in the Finance & Investment management and he is very passionate to write about Finance, EMI, Shopping and Lifestyle. He has also amassed a great name for himself as a financial and e-commerce blogger.