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Ownership and Protection of an Online Brand



It’s easier than ever to create a personal brand and a flourishing business online. It’s such an empowering experience to think of a concept and develop it into something you’re proud of owning. Ownership is the name of the game in 2018 and so to cover your tracks as a budding personal brand, there are a few tips you should implement to protect yourself.

1. Trademark the name

Fill out the proper paperwork and trademark your name. When you trademark it, you won’t have to worry about anyone’s attempt to make one like it. Since you have full ownership, you can avoid the worry of someone trying to steal it from you either.

2. Reserve the name on social media and the internet

Social media should be an integral part of building an online brand. However, you might decide that you don’t want to jump in the social media pool immediately. If you decide to wait until later to establish a social media presence, make sure that you reserve the social media handles. Go to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and create accounts. Once you create the accounts and reserve the name, no one can change them or recreate them.

3. Legitimize the company

Whether you choose to establish your company as a sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation or another entity, take care of this portion of your business as soon as possible. It keeps you covered and protected in case of any issues. Do your research to find out which option works best for you and your company.

4. Establish a website.

When you establish your own website, it’s a lot like building your own home. When you maintain and build an online presence, it’s very critical to host a home base that you can redirect people to. Once you find and purchase the perfect domain name, it’s time to invest in professional website design. Before you begin this process, decide what you’d like your color scheme to be. Know what you’d like to include on the website. It might be wise to take a few headshots so that people can put a face with the name. Ove time, you’ll find that the website is in need of an upgrade. Don’t be afraid to change with the times and keep up with the trends in website design. No matter what, it’s wise to remain relevant and adapt to the new trends well.

Once you implement these tips, you’ll have less to be concerned about from a few perspectives. Many business owners skip this process and end up paying for it in some way eventually. Do things right the first time and keep yourself covered. Besides, it’ll help you effectively build a strong brand without looking over your shoulder.