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Online Classes and Its Effects

All religious scholars of Christianity and Islam are doing this job effortlessly. For example, an Online Quran class in the USA and around the globe is a common practice.




We are living in an ever-changing world, where a new possibility can ripe anytime and the possibility is very much unknown. Now, by sitting at home we can learn new skills whenever we want, wherever we want because the reach of education is not confined to educational institutes. The scope of education broadens to far greater horizons and because of it; we can learn new information via online sources. Online classes and courses are now very common and also convenient for students and teachers. Online classes are not only available for practical or scientific knowledge but religious teachings as well. All religious scholars of Christianity and Islam are doing this job effortlessly. For example, an Online Quran class in the USA and around the globe is a common practice.

Some of the common advantages of online classes are

1. Convenient

During online classes, instructors and course heads are available twenty-four hours a day. You only have to get a secure internet connection and then you can be a part of a class or an online course. You can get notifications regarding assignments, quizzes, and other information on time. You can read those notifications and can keep yourself updated. You can study anytime you want, there no boundaries of staying away from family. you don’t have to worry about spending time on dressing up or wearing anything for going to school and knowledge. They are flexible and you can spend your maximum time on studies as you have nothing extra to do.

2. Direct connection

Most of the students feel shy about asking questions in front of other students. They feel more comfortable in asking questions privately. And this is the greatest foe of online classes where you can get direct access to asking questions from your teachers and getting your queries solved on time.  During a lecture, it happens many times that forget your question and decides to ask it later but later it vanishes from your memory but in online studies, you send the question to your teacher via email. In this way, you are out of fear of forgetting the question you can ask it on time directly.

3. Meeting interesting people

In a large gathering of a class, there are fewer chances of interaction. And sometimes you don’t even know your fellows. But online classes allow you to go out of boundaries and connect with a variety of people. You interact with different people and this helps in forming study groups.


1. Time taking

Online classes are considered as more time taking than regular ones because they are more of text-based than verbal and usually text-based environment takes much time of both students and teachers. Communication between the instructor and the student via messages is a more difficult task as compared to the verbal question-answer session. Once a student asks a question he or she has to wait until the instructor posts his or her response and it takes more time than listening to an instructor answering a particular question.

2. Zoning out

When you are attending a lecture in a class it is very much possible that you zone out because it is human nature that our concentration can divert any time and at that time the teacher might point you out and bring your concentration back to the lecture. But this is not the case when you are a part of an online class, your instructor might not know when you zone out and you might miss the maximum part of your lecture without the instructor being aware of that. And this is very common among students making it the biggest disadvantage of online classes.

3. Sense of isolation

Class participation and listening to wise remarks from fellow students helps in enhancing your knowledge and in the engagement of your mental presence along with physical presence. A quick response to a question asked by your instructor helps you in feeling connected with everybody sitting in the class. But this might not be possible when you are a part of the online class. Your sense of connection with the community might be missing and it might cause discomfort for some students. You only have the company of your computer or the device you are using, and thus make you feel isolated and terrifying for some students. This also impedes your studies and might affect your grades.

4. No supervision

In online classes, the desire to pursue your dreams lies on your shoulders. You are responsible for your own mistakes and losses. And you might get way behind and in some cases not being able to catch up the loss. You feel a sense of burden and get tired easily. Due to lack of supervision, the whole responsibility is on the student and because of it, they seek little knowledge in online studies as compared to the regular campus classes.

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