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New Jersey relocation 101



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Apart from being time-consuming and nerve-racking, relocation is also a thrilling experience. When you are done with its practical ins and outs, you can enjoy yourself browsing the new destination’s nightlife gems. Finding out as much as you can about its outdoor areas, cultural facilities and other eventful amenities is so much fun. But, prior to doing so, do due diligence and buckle down to moving company search, packing supplies purchase and storage price range depending on the number of your items. Yes, planning a relocation is troublesome, but focus on the fun part such as why New Jersey is one of the coolest places on the whole. Speaking of which, here is everything you need to know about New Jersey relocation 101. Atlantic City, NJ

Low crime rate

One of the crucial decision-making factors when relocating is safety. For that reason, you should inform on the New Jersey crime rate. Luckily, it is rather low. So, feel free to pick up a phone and find movers in Fort Lee on the grounds of FBI saying both violent and the property crime rate is significantly in decline. To illustrate, the New Jersey median national crime rate is by 40% lower compared to the national average.

Consequently, New Jersey is one of the safest US states. This is of paramount importance if you want to tie the knot here and start a family. Needless to say, the downward trend in its crime rate is all-important. Notwithstanding the crime level is higher in certain New Jersey towns, the crime figures, by and large, have been decreasing. This is undeniably a huge advantage of New Jersey relocation 101.

The cost of living

In a nutshell, New Jersey is a perfect place for the deep-pocketed given its exorbitant prices. To begin with, it is widely renowned for its high progressive and property tax rate. In addition, living in New Jersey will unquestionably set you back. For instance, the studio renting price per month is 1,408$. It goes without saying it is a daylight robbery given the square footage.  

On the other hand, the average rent cost in New Jersey is 1,465$ per month whereas the minimum labor charge is 8.60$ per hour. Its median gross rent of 1,284$ is also higher than in the rest of the US, which is 1,012$. So, if you want to move to New Jersey, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg without even pondering the moving company expenses. Correspondingly, you’d better be made of money. Otherwise, you might as well pass on it.the cost of living has been skyrocketing

New Jersey is a family fun haven

On the plus side, New Jersey is a family fun haven. A plethora of family-friendly  places such as

  • Howell Living History Farm
  • Doylestown Castle
  • Environmental Education Center
  • Trailside Nature Center
  • Ringing Rocks Park
  • NJ Botanical Garden
  • Zimmerli Museum of Art

makes New Jersey the best bet when it comes to moving with kids. They are fond of being tucked in its coziness. Additionally, visiting all those places can immensely broaden your children’s horizons. It goes without saying spending quality time outdoors hiking, being around animals and connecting with nature on a deeper level make your family bond airtight.

Moreover, you separate your kiddos from cutting-edge technological gizmos that way. What’s more, showing them the real world decreases their necessity to continue living in the virtual one. Furthermore, visit these places if you need to put yourself together after a tiring relocation.

Big cities are at the spitting distance

A further advantage of living in New Jersey is big cities are next door. This gives you the opportunity to visit any of them thus recharging your batteries. A one-day picnic in Washington DC goes a long way given the hectic schedule and stressful pace of life. Plus, these cities are famous for up-to-date medical equipment. In case of emergency, patients can be transported in Boston or Philadelphia to be taken care of.

Next, big cities’ proximity is especially important when it comes to choosing top-notch schools. In addition to this, big cities offer a thriving job market and myriads of business opportunities. Hence, it is an excellent choice for employee relocation. Then again, you can come to New Jersey any time and enjoy its homey atmosphere. This is an excellent example of work-relax balance.

Studying at Princeton University is probably one of the top New Jersey relocation perks

University moving to New Jersey is worthwhile. It is where your children can get an unparalleled education. Owing to prestigious universities, New Jersey has earned the title of the US education paradise. Your kids will be spoilt for choice due to a wide array of first-rate schools and universities.

The icing on the cake, however, is Princeton University, which is the Ivy League university. You can’t get any better than that. To put it simply, Princeton is matchless. The long tradition dating back to the 18th century is what stands this institution out thus making it one of a kind. If you care about providing your children with a first-class education, opt for New Jersey relocation.chance to study at Princeton University

The conclusion

Moving to New Jersey is not a piece of cake. But deciding to do so is. It offers everything you can think of. For example, it provides you with a comforting sense of belonging. You feel safe and nested. In brief, you are at home.  

At the same time, you are near the most important US cities. Not taking advantage of that is beyond stupid. Next, New Jersey is Princeton University hometown. How cool is that? You can have it all: a great job nearby, serene family life and a high level of safety giving you a piece of mind. Even though  New Jersey won’t give everything to you on a silver platter, it is still worth moving. You do need to work your tail off, but what you get in return is phenomenal. So, what are you exactly waiting for?


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