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Naming your Online Art Store? Here are some tips for you!



As an artist, the road to reach the audience that is specifically seeking your style of paintings has become quite smooth. The reason is the advancements that are made in the field of technology, which has empowered the global audience to come closer to each other. Like the other sectors of business, the art industry has also seen a roaring surge in terms of sales.

Artists across the world are now putting up their works on the web and the trend to buy painting online is rising exponentially. Amidst all this, you, an artist, would also have the wish to create your own online art store.

For this, you have done an intense research to target the specific audience. Obviously, the emotional and creative excellence that you have put in to create some captivating artworks also took some striving efforts. All done, you are stuck on one crucial aspect; naming your store.

It is never easy to come up with an art store’s name, whether it is online or brick & mortar. After all, you do not want to let go your efforts in vain by naming your art store casually. While some of the experts would disagree saying that art store’s name play hardly any role in the sales of paintings, I would say, it is that one critical element that could really either boost your business or bring you down to your knees.

People are particular about aesthetics, techniques, exclusivity, blissfulness, and the imagery trait of paintings. But they are also specific about the art name. Why? Let’s take a look:

Is the art store’s name that significant?

Remember, people who buy painting online are the ones that do care about the inventiveness and imaginative competence of an artist. So, if your paintings are superb and classy, making up a super-innovative, relatable, and a classy name for your art store would be an icing on the cake for your sales objective.

Since you are putting up your store on the web, you have to be regardful about Google. After all, your online store is going to rank on the Google SERPs only. If you name your art shop something generic, it will become extremely painful to rank it.

On the contrary, giving your art store a sophisticated name will be hard to remember for the people, which will again defeat the purpose.

So, you should be extremely careful and nimble while naming your art store on the web Try to find out that perfect ground where SEO guidelines are met ideally and a uniqueness is maintained quite perfectly.

If you were an owner of an e-commerce business or any other firm, you would have to restrict your creative flair while naming your store. As an artist, you are supposed to cross the limits of creativity and bring ecstasy to your brand name. Remember the below-mentioned tips while naming your art store:

Subtle is the way

The limit to put up a domain name goes up to 60 characters. But the paramount aspect is to keep the name well beyond with the maximum limit provided by the Google. Starting with the fundamentals, your art store name should be subtle with respect to writing, reading, and pronouncing.

As an artist, your goal is to be unique in order to shine up apart from the crowd of thousands of other artists on the web. Some of the artists take the approach of naming the shop with their name only. This makes it easy for people to find your art store on the internet.

Along with this, you can also name your art shop different from your domain. This approach will ensure to draw a line of distinction between your brand and your work.

Explore useful keywords

On Google, it is always advisable to utilize significant keyword while naming your art shop. People who tend to buy painting online generally seek the keywords related to an art style, medium, genre, themes, etc.

Suppose you create abstract artworks related to the subject matter of nature. Find the most searched keywords for ‘abstract art’, ‘abstract paintings’, ‘abstract nature art’ etc. This will make sure that when the people are seeking the style of your art, your website ranks on the first or top SERPs.

Along with this, being a creative chap, you can also seek the value or the emotion that these artworks fuse in the observers’ mind and include the same in your art shop’s name.

Always take reference

A wise artist, before putting up a name for her/his art shop online, would explore what other, already famous artists are doing. Comparing your domain or art store’s name with your competitors’ name is always a recommended approach.

But make sure that you are not naming your art store too similar to some other artist’s shop. That would again make it difficult for your store to rank on the Google when people would look to buy painting online.

Improvise your art store

Technology has opened up some phenomenal opportunities for today’s artists. You can always link up your art store with a separate social media account. Set up a business page with your art store name.

Also, you can seek different names’ ideas for your art store on various social media sites.

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