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Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Art Career



It’s not your customers but it’s you who can ruin your own business. Sounds weird, isn’t it? You practice day and night, work hard, put your heart and soul into creating the best art, then what is working against you?

You exhibit your created abstract art for sale but have you ever analysed does the audience to whom you are presenting your work, are they really interested in it? Probably you are unaware of lot of such things that are affecting your career. Only removing obstacles will take your career as an artist further.

Art business is quite different from other traditional businesses. Since creativity is priority, the typical strategies might not work in favour however avoiding few mistakes might help you in flourishing your creative career.

Following the unprofessional way

Even if it’s a creative line, you need to be professional as it’s your source of income. Remember first impression is definitely taken into consideration, if you appear unprofessional your potential customers would look upon you as an amateur artist or someone who is not just serious about their career.

Like any other profession, you need to complete your work before deadlines, turn up to the appointments, reply email, messages, query on time, get professional photos clicked of your art. All these things may seem small but it makes a big difference. You need to show to the world that how much you care about your work then only they will show some interest in your work.

Trying to sell to the wrong audience

Is your audience really interested in what you are selling? Perhaps you are trying to impress wrong set of people who are not at all interested in the form of art you are offering. How sales will go up then? You need to interact then only you can find your right audience. Frankly speaking, your family and friends can be wrong audience to whom you are selling. They might buy your art but never can be your true critics or fans.

Not interested is a reason enough for ruining your career. It is crucial to know if you are targeting right audience to grow in your profession.

Comparing to the best

It’s good to set goals but it is sensible to set attainable goals. If you are budding artist and compare your artwork to Pablo Picasso paintings then you are simply fooling yourself. Comparing will only hamper your creativity and make your goal unattainable. Get inspired but don’t copy or imitate the renowned artists, this way you are spoiling your own creativity. Artwork is about your own imagination, it should reflect your thoughts then only it will stand apart and get noticed. Nobody is interested to see the work which is already applauded.

Perfectionism disorder

Yes, aiming for perfectionism can turn out to be a disorder. Trying to be perfect reflects your fear of failure, fear of rejection, lack of confidence. No matter how good you are at your work, you will never feel satisfied and keep on changing or modifying your work which in turn will mess up everything. Understand where you are and where you want to go and work accordingly rather than just aiming for perfection.

These are some mistakes which you do but never expected it to be mistakes. Eliminating these things can build confidence and make your career future more bright, fun and successful.