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Makeup Tips That Make You Look Attractive



Women wish to look more attractive and young then their age, so they beautify themselves with makeup at each and every event. In the occasions like marriages, every one like to look pretty and spend many hours for makeup. Applying makeup may be difficult sometimes, so it is better to follow makeup tips for the wedding party. Here are some of the interesting tips that help you in applying makeup in a professional way.


Makeup tips to be followed for the wedding ceremony

To look glamorous, makeup is essential for the wedding ceremonies, so follow these simple tips for better results. These flawless makeup tips help you to rock any wedding party of your dear people.

Nurture the skin with moisturizer

The first important thing is to apply the moisturizer on the skin, which you use regularly. It should be applied perfectly such that it seeps into the skin. Make sure you apply prior 15 minutes to the foundation.

Apply primer on the skin

The next thing is to apply primer on to the skin very gently, so that foundation will long last for much more time.
Applying foundation

The first step is to apply liquid foundation evenly all over the face. Then apply foundation powder evenly all through the face so that it stays for longer time.

Move on to the eyes

Use an eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow to the eyes, then blend it nicely with a fluffy brush. Now apply dark color kajal to the eyes. Next step is to line the lashes with black color eyeliner. Then slowly curl the eyelashes and apply mascara from the roots which will add volume to it.

Blush your cheeks

To give a natural look and glow like a diva, it is utmost importance to blush your cheeks. Blush should be applied from downwards to upward movement. Once the blush is applied, the next thing is to blend the blush on the cheeks.

Now its time to highlight

Use darker matte shade to contour the cheeks part of your face, then check whether there are any hollows appearing on your face. If so, cover them up with contouring powder neatly and then it is essential to blend it. Lines should not appear on the face. T-Zone along with cheekbones are to be highlighted using a shimmer blush and powder so that these highlights in light make you look more gorgeous.

Move onto lips

First make sure you apply lip balm and then remove excess with the help of tissue. Next it is essential to line up the lips in a perfect way using lip liner. Then fill the entire lips within the line with color of your choice or the one that matches with your dress and makeup. Once again use tissue to remove excess lipstick from the lips. Then move on by applying lip gloss to make them shine.

The above steps are to be followed for a perfect makeup. Hence, wedding makeup tips for bridal in hindi allows you to ready and shine in the marriage ceremonies.

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