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Lessons I’ve Learned as a Solo Muslim Female Traveller



Being a Muslim and a girl is a little bit hard, especially among the people who haven’t tried to study the religion completely. They will always guide you towards the restrictions without understanding your side of the argument or anything you have to say. I do believe that you need to travel with a man especially on the journey of Hajj and Umrah. It is crowded and you will need the support. My father always gets along to the Umrah toursbut never asked me to not to travel for a business meeting alone. In fact, he told me to face the real world on my own, he makes me learn that I have to achieve my goals without any external support. Your family, mentors, teachers and leaders can always guide you but you have to take the charge of your journey. They can’t hold a steering of your life. Drive it yourself and for yourself, not to prove something to the world.

Many girls give up their dreams because they are asked to wait for the right man to come along. That right man may have lost the way or stuck in traffic or anything is possible. Girls, you don’t have to wait for him, if he reaches on time, it’s great but don’t wait. It is the digital century, you can always stay in touch with your family and they would know your whereabouts very well, so, nothing is to be afraid. Explore every corner of the world with the ultimate support of your beloved ones.

As we are a family of entrepreneurs, so, I never get bizarre reactions from my parents and siblings. They are always supportive. For the first time, I planned a travel trip to Morocco apart from a business travel. Well, it turned out to be an amazing experience for me. If you’re a Muslim woman with the passion of wanderlust, there are some tips that might help you during your travel.

Tips to Travel as A Solo Female

Let me tell you that I am a Hijabi and I am never embarrassed by it. Just get comfortable with your choice of dress. Go with the style and trust me if you’re comfortable in it, no one is going is stare at you. I have been to Australia and New Zealand, people are generous and they don’t bother my scarf at all. It only sounds ugly on the media news otherwise; things are quite better outside that box called TV. So, if you want to live in a reality, get off from your couch and step out of the door at least for once.

Maintain your Attitude

Be proud of yourself and as an independent woman, it’s not necessary that you can’t rely on someone. We live in a world, we get along with the people and it is good to play along. So, maintain the attitude, there are places when your bitch-rest face works and then you can be friendly without any threat. So, be careful about your surroundings and perform it the way it goes in your favour. I am not saying to be rude or unkind but, some circumstances need to be a little extra careful.

Walk with Confidence

Never ever lose your confidence. Be confident while wandering in the markets. No one wants and needs to know about your business or you as a person so, stay low key in front of the strangers. You can still market your brand wisely. Your body language shows your confidence so, master it. Be comfortable with your look, don’t get distracted by the trends that seem cool but doesn’t suit you well. They are not necessary to follow. If you’re not comfortable in shorts or leaving the house without your hijab, you don’t have to. Just be yourself and enjoy the journey at the best.

Avoid too much-shining Jewellery

Avoid too shiny jewellery, women in certain countries don’t wear it in the public. Respect the idea, it may also attract scammers so, in order to avoid the unusual or dangerous situation, don’t wear any attractive ornaments.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

This is the amazing advice. Okay, it doesn’t mean to change yourself completely but approach for the similar one. Changing your attire, a little bit or to behave like locals are good to get along in the city. That doesn’t make you like them but help you enjoy your journey in peace.

However, the world is all about moving on, live your life as you want to. Keep your morals uptight and follow the religion of humanity, travel to learn even if it is about solo travelling. There is nothing to get frightened, just stay firm and know your rights as a human being. Chase your dreams, the man will come along by himself. Remember, it is now or never.