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Creative Ways of Learning A Foreign Language by Yourself



Trying to learn a new language, however, the coaching classes are not enough. Then you must try learning all of it by yourself.

It might be quite difficult to learn a foreign language by yourself but following the below tips will help you with the learning process.

1. Just go for it and stop trying

Stop trying to motivate yourself and rather just go for it. We have started believing that to do something first, we have to motivate ourselves and if we are successful in motivating then we go for the opportunity.

This stereotype mentality should be changed at first. If you see an opportunity in front of you; you must grab it as fast as you can.

Before we even know anything, we sit all day long and try to motivate ourselves or think about the pros and cons.

It’s time we change that and before thinking, just work hard for the progress. Rather motivating yourself to act, act until you are motivated and sure about doing it.

So, pull up your socks tight and go for it. Initially there might be issues, but gradually you will come through.

2. Join groups of other language learners

You might feel awkward to talk to people when you are just in the learning phase of learning foreign language.

Self-learning process is difficult but when you join groups, you speak to people in the target language. This improves your learning and you can even learn new words from others.

But if you join a group, where even they are in the learning phase, then it would be easier for you to talk to them and improve yourself. is a website, it is the world’s largest network of local groups of people. On this platform you can communicate to people who are learning the similar kind of language you are learning.

In this group, you can share resources of language learning, motivate each other, make friends, inspire, you can even watch movies in the preferred language and can eat at authentic restaurants of the target language.

3. Use one phrase a day

When we start to learn something new, we don’t think about the long run, rather we think of short run and try to learn everything within impossible time.

This is where we go wrong and end up learning nothing. Think about your mother tongue, we are fluent in it, however we still find it difficult to stand a chance in front of people wo has studied the language thoroughly.

Hence, take it slow and pick up one phrase a day. If you are learning French start with the phases that is often required such as,

  • Qu sont les toilettes?’ it means ‘Where are the bathrooms?’

  • Je ne comprends pas bien le français’ it means ‘I don’t understand French properly.’

  • comment vous appelez-vous’ it means ‘What is your name?’

Once you select a phrase, take the whole day to use the phrase whenever you get a chance to do it. Use google translator; it is very helpful in the learning phase of a new language.

4. Closed caption on YouTube videos

Closed captioning in YouTube is becoming popular. Captions on YouTube in different languages are attractive and YouTube is encouraging that.

This helps the site to be universal and provides you with opportunity to learn the new languages.

When you watch your favourite YouTuber go to his/her video options and turn on the captions of the videos.

This can be done by clicking the CC button on the video. You can learn the new language here easily.

At first you can pick up a language that you know and watch videos on YouTube of that, then translate the language and speak.

Then pick up the target language videos and watch. Pause the video and read the captions it will help you understand the language.

If you are not able to understand you can take help from google translator and then pronounce it as they do in the videos.