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Know-How Real Estate Developers Gaining Popularity by Developing Smart Projects



Kolkata, West Bengal have seen many changes over the period of time, the people, the streets, the residential structures, the streets, newly developed bridges, flyovers, skywalks and what not are being developed in this city. Day after day Kolkata has taken up challenges to become one of the best place to stay, work and play. People from different countries, cities, and states are coming over to Kolkata, due to this the real estate developers started to expand Kolkata’s boundaries and improve the quality of their high rise structures too.

Each and every one is working pretty hard to make this city joyful again. It is the home of big time multinational corporations (MNCs), IT companies, chartered firms, clothing business houses, export & import businesses, and many more. It is one of the greatest city where one can even get lost while exploring the depths of Kolkata. The city may look small in GPS or Google Earth, but no it is not small it is huge with water bodies, with small to tall buildings, temples, museums, tourist spots, ancient buildings and many things.

People all over the world visits Kolkata to understand that how this city is managing all these new developed changes on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Since the 1984 to 2018 many suburban areas of Kolkata started to develop metro railway station to stay connected each and every part of the city. Places like Dum Dum, Phoolbagan, New Garia, Garia Bazar, Bansdroni, Tollygunge, Jatin Das Park, Rabindra Sadan, and many other places have metro rails some are very old and some are newly developed. Kolkata even has some of the best hotels, restaurants, and resorts, each one of them provides the best feeling one can get in any other city or country.

Kolkata has some of the top reputed and renowned real estate developers too, they strategically designed, developed and constructed new homes, residential complexes, apartments, duplex bungalows, and many more in different places in Kolkata. One would not believe the newly developed constructed buildings and homes all come to the near vicinity of the city with super fine transportation, yes people can travel to different places from their homes. Real estate companies are actually giving help to the growing population of Kolkata, they are building high-tech projects which will offer hordes of facilities like swimming pool, kids pool, children’s playing area, spacious parking areas, shopping malls, departmental stores, badminton & tennis courts, food courts, cycling & jogging tracks, and what not.

For so many years people of Kolkata got accustomed in living their lives within concrete jungles, they were tired of their old way of living, some even complained to themselves that buying homes in this city has made their lives happy to sad. After so many acquisitions came to the doors of Government of West Bengal that people need new open area spaces to live where they can find nature’s touch and the feel of living life peacefully. This made many real estate developers think that, now they need plans of making Kolkata grow more beautifully with the presence of nature. Instead of making concrete jungles they need to make buildings luxuriously, which can provide comfort and peace of mind at the same time with the presence of nature within the residential projects. One thing more real estate developers need to keep in mind is that they should not price up their projects so aggressively as this will turn down many potential home buyers.

In the early days the price of residential apartments and flats used to cost way much people used to think twice before investing in them, and many even turned their backs on the face of many newly developed buildings. But everything changed in the second third quarter of 2017. When demonetization shook India and lowered down the real estate market estimations which disappointed many such real estate developers. But Kolkata somehow managed to shake this thing off!! Real estate developers started to provide add-on schemes, different deals and discounts and even lowered the rates of their residential projects. This actually lured out many positive and potential home-buyers as they were getting their dream flats and apartments without burning a hole in their pockets and bank accounts.

Real estate developers strategically planned their way out during these hard times which made them experience that what people of Kolkata wants from them and what needs to be done in the correct way. Due to this plan nearly 40% people started to buy flats and other residential projects in Kolkata. Till now also in the 1st quarter of 2018 real estate developers are building smart homes which provides varieties of amenities and facilities. It is indeed one of the best time to buy apartments in Kolkata. As people are getting value for money residential properties to live their entire lifetime.

Mr. A.S. Sivaramakrishnan the Head of Residential services CBRE South Asia Private Limited said in a press conference that Kolkata had a steep rise in their real estate market in the year of 2017 – 2018. This happened because the investor demand was met perfectly when it was compared to what real estate developers were offering the same with high price rates in some of the premium locations in India. Real estate developers in Kolkata have become aware that what people of Kolkata wants their new homes to be like.

In order to push their residential properties in the markets they literally lowered down the price of their properties so competitively that they even restricted giving a hike in the price for the time being. This simple implementation of idea led to the overall improvement of the hike in the real estate market of Kolkata. They were able to get around 76% house demand from the end-users of Kolkata till the Q1 of 2018.

Now whatever residential projects are being in Kolkata every projects are being offered with the touch and feel of nature present within the projects. The residential projects are becoming more tech savvy. Real estate developers are trying to design and develop new automated homes so that buyers can control the whole ambience of their new homes with a simple mobile application. For example with the help of mobile applications home buyers can switch on and off the lights, fans and control the air conditioning systems. Residential developers are trying their best to make new homes which can be customized by the buyer later on whenever they want. Even experts say that energy efficiency have become one of the hot topics of a smart home as by the use of some sophisticated tools in smart homes can help in reducing the overall consumption of energy which further helps in cutting down the cost of electricity bills. This helps tech savvy buyers to get value for money smart homes in Kolkata. Even the security of these smart homes have been improved as the residential projects are being built with pre-installed smart CCTV surveillance cameras which have the capabilities of recording wide angle videos and can even work during low light and foggy areas.

With these possibilities real estate developers of Kolkata are developing the lands of the city to its potentials so that in the upcoming future people will be able to live happily in their brand new homes.