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Is Croatia Your Next Holiday Destination? Things to Know Before Going



Featuring the best stunning landscapes and sceneries in Europe, in Europe, it’s no wonder that more and more people are discovering the delights of Croatia. This once shell-shocked nation has recovered from turmoil and now offers visitors great amazing sights and experiences in the world. With so much to do and see, your holiday in Croatia will be incredible.

Croatian Heritage

You will discover that past lives on today, side by side with modern buildings and technologies. To explore Croatia, you have to deal with this heritage and this story. You’ll enjoy the stunning beauty of Old Town Dubrovnik with towering city walls and defence fortresses.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the splendid city of Trogir, with quaint buildings, red tile roofs and more. The Euphrasius Basilica of Porec will offer you more opportunities to enjoy culture and heritage here. There are numerous cathedrals, convents, monasteries, and palaces to explore on your Croatia holiday.

Natural Beauty

You’ll also discover that it is a land of incredible natural beauty. The nation boasts numerous national parks that are perfect for exploration. A visit through any of these parks can be a great way to get away from it all. Kornati, Brijuni, Mljet, Risnjak Plitvice, and much more await your pleasure.

Whether you want to explore Greek ruins on the islands, fish the rivers inland, hike mountain pathways or simply enjoy the beauty of pristine lakes and streams, you’ll find you can easily do so on your holidays in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is something you should truly see for yourself, it holds immense beauty and it is a place of pure relaxation and joy. The lakes are extremely pure and see-through and the roads are perfect for exploring.

The very special thing about this place is that you get a completely different experience if you visit it in summer and if you do it again in winter. The summer provides you with glorious nature, fresh smell of trees and the mirroring water that looks so diving while the winter gives you a frozen fairytale feeling that makes you appreciate your surroundings.

Adventure Tours and Backpacking

A few countries in the world are well suited to backpacking and adventure as Croatia. You can tour the inland areas by hitchhiking or adventure through the national parks. There are many ways to escape the norm.

In fact, you can stay in many of the villages, through inns, hostels, and charming locals. You’ll enjoy the peace and beauty, the incredible pastoral scenes and much more. An adventure tour through any area of Croatia will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Adriatic coastline

Croatia’s Adriatic coastline shows how beautiful and relaxing this sea can be. Spend your holidays in Croatia on a small island surrounded by Adriatic water, sailing on the waves or simply sunbathing on the shore. For a perfect Croatia sailing the best way is to start with a yacht broker who knows the industry well and can quickly obtain the best boat – and crew if required – to serve your needs.

With a local yacht broker, you can get the best deals and make sure you are well looked after during your trip. Simply give them your details, when you are planning to travel, and your sailing experience and they will provide a range of options for you.

While many yacht brokers offer boats with a full captain, and a crew if the boat is big enough, it is well worth receiving sailing lessons and choosing to sail without a crew (bareback as it is known in the industry). The feel of leaving the dock at the helm of a boat without a team is a fun and liberating experience. As you slip into the deep blue water, all of your troubles and concerns are left on land. Definitely a great way to mix adventure and pleasure on holiday.

The Adriatic coastline is known to be one of the prettiest coastlines in Europe, that is one of the reasons why Croatia is one of the most visited holiday countries by tourists every year. It is the perfect holiday destination for relaxing and enjoying a stress-free vacation.

Most beautiful cities



Everybody knows that Dubrovnik is the prettiest city in Croatia, it is a pure medieval city that holds incredible beauty within its walls. The mainstream popularity came when one of the most popular TV shows of all time Game of Thrones picked Dubrovnik as one of its cities to shoot it (Dubrovnik is King’s Landing). Since then the city grew in popularity and tourists make it a must-see spot any time they visit Croatia. And for good reason, because Dubrovnik should, by all means, be a must-see attraction.


This city is definitely something that is spectacular. It is directly on the sea so it is a holiday destination as well but that is not all that this city offers you. The split is the second largest city in Croatia and it is extremely close to all the most popular islands in the country. It is the centre of the Dalmatia region and its biggest city.

As of late, it has become a music giant as well. It has been the host of a huge music festival called Ultra Europe since 2013, the organizers of the festivals have chosen this as the perfect destination and its attendants absolutely love it.

If you are a lover of architecture definitely check out Diocletian’s Palace and Church of Holy Trinity. It will satisfy your inner architect and give you something to be in awe of.

Croatia is truly a special country, it is small but contains so many things you can explore. It gives you mountains for hiking, the sea for swimming, sailing, kayaking, small secluded towns and big, giant cities but every single thing holds something special that is worth exploring and experiencing. I wholeheartedly recommend this country as your next destination because it will definitely be worth it.