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Incredible tips to get stunning wedding portraits on your big day



Pictures are a significant part of any event, and if it’s your wedding that we are talking about, then taking a chance with such an important aspect of the whole affair is folly. You invited your friends and family to the occasion, arranged for props, and hired a great photography team. So, what else can you do to ensure beautiful family portraits of the big day? Well, we have the solution for you. For more insights on how you can turn photography stressful moments into fun and joyous ones, read on.

  1. Inductions are necessary

One of the greatest tricks in the books to ensure great family portraits is to introduce the families to each other. Well, there is little scope that your fiancé’s aunt’s daughter is well acquainted with your aunt’s daughter. For that matter, use the small ceremonies to make it work out. Rehearsal dinner, cocktail nights and garden lunches are great times to let your families mingle with each other and get comfortable before the big day. Your part here is to organise such events where people get a chance to get out of their shells and gel in with the crowd.

  1. Inform your photographers about immediate family

It’s a quite simple calculation that if your photographer is well-informed and comfortable, the photography session won’t be a hassle for anyone attending the wedding. Sit with your photographer a day or two before the wedding and make him familiar with your family trees and your immediate families. This way, he will be able to focus his lens on the important people in your life thus making wedding pictures even more meaningful.

  1. Schedule well

If you keep all the programs in line and on time, you will get ample time to indulge in your favourite cocktails and dance your heart out without worrying about your makeup. Plan and schedule your portrait timings when you will be discussing wedding photography packages, so there is enough time for you to prepare between the ceremony and the reception. Also, following this suit will give you time to inform your guests and keep the chaos at bay during the photography session.

  1. Start out big

Another simple yet effective tip is to start out big. Begin the portraits session with the cousins and their families and gradually descend to the immediate families. Once the cousins and other families are done, you will be relieved to know that it’s just your parents and your spouse’s parents who are left in the queue. This way you will be able to enjoy the shoot more because it will end with your couple wedding shoot. Interesting, right? Think it through, and you’ll know what to do.

  1. Don’t forget the candid

While all eyes will be towards the camera and there will be all smiley faces posing for a great picture, leaving out candids will do you no good. Ask your Sydney photographer to keep an out for candids and click as many as possible. Gone are the days when poses made a difference. Root for the candids because they are beautiful, heart-warming and they are the real you.

Let there be laughter and light during your wedding portraits photo-shoot with these great yet simple tips to get striking clicks which will leave you in awe every time you look back at that beautiful day. Share these tips with your friends as well who are getting married soon and help them get the most spectacular family portraits.