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Important Things You Must Know About Hospice Care



Though hospice is mostly associated with end-of-life care, there are few things you need to know before hiring this service.
When your doctor has suggested hospice care, for someone who is ill it does not necessarily mean the end of life for your ill loved one and you are giving up. There are various misconceptions associated with hospice which you need to sort out before hiring this medical service and provide the utmost care for the illness your loved one is suffering from.
#1. Hospice Is A Service And Not A Place
Most people think that hospice is a place where ill and sick people go. However, hospice is a specific medical service and not a place. Hospice brings care and treatment to the suffering person in various scenarios be, it a private place like residence, nursing home or an assisted living facility. Most people like to take the service of hospice care at home. However, when the situation gets more complicated to manage at home, hospice provide short-term services at a hospital or nursing facility to control the symptoms.

#2. Hospice Goes Beyond The Conventional Ways Of Treatment
If you are wondering what type of service hospice provide? Hospice is known for various kinds of professional services that include both routine and after hour check-up and nursing care. The nurse will attend the patient regularly, assess any change and arrange for medical supplies and medicines as and when required. Hospice care takes the charge of the situation before the arousal of any emergency situation like keeping the oxygen supplies and emergency medications near hand.
The professional who will be there to attend the patient will answer all your queries and also prepare you for what might come next. Even if you require any advice or care direction during the holidays or Saturdays and Sundays, the nurse will come and visit the place. Other services from hospice include counsellors for emotional needs, volunteers to help you cope with the situation and help with bathing.
#3. Time To Get Hospice Care
Most of the hospice care arrives at the concerned person in the final weeks or days of life. However, they qualify for the care as much as six months earlier. Similarly, getting the hospice care earlier can be beneficial for the patient and for the family to reduce stress and improves the quality of life. The service keeps the patient in better condition giving a chance to make some fond memories.
#4. Chances Of Improvement Under Hospice Care
Though hospice is related to end-of-life care so, for most of the people hiring hospice service means to give up. However, there are also instances of people improving dramatically under the care of the hospice and with the better condition; they are discharged from the service of hospice. Hospice care improves the pain of the patient and also eases the loneliness. As a result, the patient eats healthy and sleeps better to regain health and stamina.
Hospice service generally focuses on the quality of life and providing emotional support to the patient and its family when they require it the most.