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I Want to Develop a Mobile App for My Business. What Should I Consider First?



I Want to Develop a Mobile App for My Business. What Should I Consider First

Every time I start to touch the keyboard to write about mobile apps, this is the first thing that triggers my mind. “A mobile app is absolutely essential for businesses today.” I think there is no business today that doesn’t need mobile presence. In fact, every business desires to have their own mobile app. But what holds them back is the ideas to take it forward, and ambiguities that require to be cleared before kick-starting.

Mobile app is not just a software product. In fact, it represents either a multi-million business or itself stands as a multi-million business. So proper planning and execution strategy is key here.

Let’s see what are the essential things to consider before developing a mobile app.

iOS or Android:

Choosing between iOS and Android depends on your target market and budget. If your target customers don’t need iOS app, then no use of developing it. For example, if you’re developing an app for customers in the UK, you should make sure you will give first preference to iOS. If it is India, your first preference should be for Android.
When it comes to budget, you develop app for both platforms when you have sufficient budget. Otherwise, first you will start with the most important platform, then move to the next one.

Competitive Analysis: 

Competitive analysis really has amazing gems (benefits) to offer you. It can be done in many ways. Since it is app related, check the success ratio of app’s features and functionalities at review section of the app store. So you can have a good understanding of where your potential customers are lagging behind and how you can encash their weakness as a benefit. For example, if their users are concerned about some specific features like the app doesn’t support local language, so where you can have advantage over your competitors by considering their concern.


Do you need a dedicated team or want to outsource? Let me tell what you should do. Build a team when you have enough budget and time, which allows you to have a better hold on your work. But you can’t make sure you will succeed, why because the lack of expertise may hit back. So if you’re new to the mobile world, it is always better to outsource it to an expert mobile app development company. So you can get access to the developers’ expertise and get the app how you wanted it to be.

Free or Paid: 

The main objective behind any app is revenue generation. But people don’t download the app at price until they feel it is useful. In case of iOS, it may work, but not in case of Android. Finally it all depends on your target market. There are three ways you can make money from your app: Freemium, Premium, and through Ads.


Yes, you need right strategies in place to ensure your app idea will work and you will achieve the intended success. If you’re not tech-savvy, get the help of an expert mobile app development company and build your dream app.