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How Women can look stylish while traveling



Every one of us deserves a break once in a while. Leaving all the worries behind and taking each day as it comes is undoubtedly a refreshing break from everyday life. If you are finally taking a break and heading to your next holiday, Congratulations!! You certainly deserve it.

Many of us like traveling because it gives us a chance to be a completely different person. Traveling will help you come out of your comfort zone and enjoy new experiences. Traveling is usually about experiencing new things.

While traveling is undoubtedly a pleasurable experience, it can be quite restrictive in some ways.

One of the most significant rules to follow while you are traveling is to pack light. It makes it very challenging to carry all the dresses that we plan on flaunting during our vacation. Choosing what to wear and what to let go of is probably the toughest decision that women have to make.

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We often come across drool-worthy photos of travel bloggers, being at their stylish best. Do you wonder how they manage to look so elegant even while traveling? Well, it is not a challenge to look fashionable while you are enjoying your holidays. You have to learn the art of packing right.

 Fashion and travel do not usually go hand and hand. But all of us would certainly like to look our best when we are on holiday.

If you wish to look like a diva on your next vacation, here are some ways that will help you seem your fashionable best while traveling-

1)  Choose versatile pieces while traveling-

Carrying some stylish yet versatile pieces in your travel wardrobe is a great way to reduce your luggage. You can opt for a tube dress to wear alone or with a skirt or pants. Also, clothing items in basic colors are easier to wear. This will not only minimize your luggage but also give you multiple chic outfits to wear throughout your trip. You can also carry some add-ons to your outfits that will give it a completely different look. A good scarf will serve as a great add-on. Also, you can use in many different ways. A big scarf can hide stains or even serve as a blanket or a cover-up when needed. It can also elevate simple jeans and t-shirt combo. Moreover, it doesn’t occupy much space in your luggage.

2)  A good pair of jeans should be your staple-

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A classy and well-fitted pair of jeans is probably the most stylish as well as a versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Jeans with t-shirts are great for a relaxed look. You can also pair it with a classy blouse and throw in a blazer to take your look from day tonight.

3)  A stylish jacket with many pockets is a travel must-have-

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A good jacket is a great addition to any outfit. Be it dressy or casual; a jacket will certainly take your look one notch higher. It is also an essential item to carry during long flights to keep you warm during several hours of air conditioning. Avoid packing your jacket in the luggage even if you do not need it. It will only end up taking a lot of room.

4)  Always choose comfortable clothing-

While you are on vacation, you may have to be on your toes most of the time. This means that you will have to give your fitted dresses a break. Instead, you can opt for stylish alternatives such as wide-legged pants or palazzos. Pairing them with cute tops and blouses will not let you compromise on your style game. They also look quite vacation-friendly.

5)  Keep your accessories limited to one or two-

You can misplace or lose accessories while traveling. But if you think your travel wardrobe may not be complete without them, you can limit their number. Just carry one or two statement pieces in basic colors to go with multiple outfits. A pearl layered necklace or a black choker are a few pieces that serve the purpose. It is important to refrain from carrying any dainty or expensive pieces as their chances of damage and loss are high.

6)  Pack two pairs of shoes for different occasions-

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Being on vacation doesn’t mean that you should leave your favorite heels behind. You can carry a dressy pair of heels for your special nights out. Other times, you can opt for comfortable flats or sneakers. A good pair of shoes is essential while traveling. So make sure to choose a pair that looks stylish and is easy to pack. The footwear should also be quite sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. Do remember to use dust bags for your shoes to prevent them from damaging your clothes. They also make it easier for you to pack your footwear, which can otherwise be a tad tricky.

7)  A good and a roomy handbag is essential-

Though you may want to carry multiple handbags to suit your outfits, it may be wise to just stick to one basic handbag during your vacation. Sling bags may not prove to be quite functional. Hence, a tote bag in a neutral color will suffice. It will also be a great accessory to add to your travel wardrobe. You can also carry a scratch-off map in it, which is essential and fun to have.

8)  Opt for low maintenance dresses-

While traveling, you may have to wear a single dress multiple times. You may opt for dresses made of wrinkle-free fabric. These dresses are extremely travel-friendly. Also, you can go for clothing with patterns instead of plain to hide any creases or stains, which can be quite common while traveling.

9)  Keep your travel destination in mind-

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The best way to look stylish during your vacation is to keep in mind your travel destination and the climate as well. This will help you to plan your outfits and avoid packing things that may not turn out to be ideal for your trip. If you are traveling to a warm place, you can pack some sundresses and flowy gowns. A broad hat and sunglasses will certainly make you look more stylish. Similarly, if you are going towards the poles, you may want to add some warm clothing and boots. This way, you will ensure that you will end up using everything that you have packed, apart from making you look on point and stylish.

10) Make sweatpants your night time saviour-

If you do not want to carry your regular night suit while on a vacation, sweat pants can be a chic alternative. You may wear them out as well if you do not feel like changing before you head out. Just throw on a top or a jumper and you are good to take a stroll. 

Important things to remember while traveling-

After going through the points above, you may find it easier to dress up stylishly while traveling. However, it is important to remember certain do’s and don’ts regarding your clothes while you are chilling out on your holidays. Reading these tips carefully before embarking on your journey will certainly help you avoid any disasters.

  • Always opt for a dark-coloured outfit while traveling. Whites are a strict no-no. Along with being difficult to maintain, they do not take well to stains or creases.
  • Wearing extremely tight clothing may not be appropriate during travel for many reasons.
  • It may be wise to cover -up or dress conservatively, especially if you are a solo female traveler. Similarly, you should avoid bright clothing, as well. This is important for not attracting any negative attention to yourself.
  • You can carry an extra pair of clothes wherever you go. It will come in handy if you ever need to change.
  • Layering is the key. You can give different looks to your outfit by adding or subtracting pieces.
  • While visiting, It is always good to know the dress code or a particular place, especially if you are visiting a place of religious importance. In such cases, not dressing conservatively may hurt the sentiments of the locals.
  • You may love to sport your bling but it may be wise not to carry any expensive jewelry with you while traveling, just to be safe.
  • If you are planning to do some shopping on your trip, you can try to pack in fewer outfits. This will help you accommodate your new haul without having to carry extra luggage.
  • It is best to avoid formal wear while traveling, even if you have an official meeting right after touchdown. Traveling can make your outfit messy. So take your time to change before you meet.


A vacation is a time to have fun and relax. Fashion-wise as well, it allows you to try something new that you wouldn’t dare in your everyday life. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your style while traveling. Who knows!! You may just become more fashionable!!

Author Bio - Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.