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How Vital Personalization Is For Mobile App Success



Mobile App technology is spreading faster than any other technology in world. Everyone wants to reach the shore of success by boarding the ship of technology, and Mobile Apps are the best oars that help many technology startups to reach their goals.

Important fact to consider here is when a technology startup that relies on Mobile Application goes cross border to expand its operation and span its reach what attracts users to adopt it:-

  1. Solves a real world problem
  2. Guided Interface with Easy to use UI/UX
  3. Fluid Performance
  4. Better Marketing Strategy
  5. Personalization

You have read many articles on the top 4 attributes, but personalization plays an important role in adoption user acquisition and user retention. Many of the startups compromise to deliver personalization over top four pointers.

Personalization for Mobile App:

Personalization of an app means it should be smart enough to deliver the results based on preferences, location and usage behavior. This craves the feeling of belongingness into the user towards the App. Further, in this article I will emphasize on the Industries in which personalization is important and the Methodologies through which we can build the same.

1. Food & Restaurant Industry

Online food ordering is the hottest cake in the market with a revenue of $82,714 Mn in 2018,It is expected to grow by 10% every year till 2023,Considering the high potential in the market many entrepreneurs try their luck to launch a food delivery app that earn high revenue by engaging more users. Following are the key features of personalization that would help to acquire and retain users:-

Saving preferences of cuisines and restaurants on the basis of user visits and showing them as the top results.

Rich notifications for offers and discounts.

Serving hyper local results of restaurants and outlets.

Repeat orders and favorite restaurants.

Marketing campaigns for festivals and weekends.

2. Online Travel & Hotel Booking Industry

Online travel and hotel booking industry is a big boon to the travelers who love to explore destination around the world, it is primarily built around travel e-commerce and the review sites. Travel-Ecommerce sites allow user to book flights, train and hotels anywhere in the around a click from his mobile app, where as Online Review sites are the reputation assessment sites where users post reviews about the hotels and restaurants. Features one can opt to give a personalized experience to their users are:-

Suggesting places on the basis of personal preferences.

Free cancellation/ rescheduling.

Push notifications for offers and promotions their future destinations.

Sending notifications to plan events on birthday, anniversary etc.

Searching on the basis of extensive features.

Recommendation list on the basis of reviews and ratings of friends and family.

3. On-Demand Services Industry

On demand app services, industry is an alternate to the traditional business in today’s technology era, you want to either board a taxi, call a plumber or book a parlor service all you can do is with your mobile phone. Considering exponential growth in the user base of online on demand services, it is expected to grow at the rate of 32% each year. To be a unicorn in such a competitive stream of business following are some personalization methodologies which an entrepreneur can introduce to engage more personally with their users:-

Make logins and account creation easy reduce steps for signup.

Analyzing user data and identify repeated bookings & purchase to automate them.

Instant assistance through various model of support

Analyzing spend behavior and sent offers and discounts accordingly.

Marking service providers, products and services as favorite to book quickly


There is a huge potential in Mobile Apps to grow your business and get more customers. Only in US accordant to statista revenue from mobile app business is expected to reach about 190bn USD by the year 2020.

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