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How to Use an electric Pressure cooker- Best Way to Use quality cooker



Are you worried about saving your time while cooking? Here is a time-saving kitchen gadget for you and that is an electric Best pressure cooker. This food cooking appliance is an ingenious invention in the last decade. The electric cooker is an electric and multifunctional device which you can cook easily and save your valuable time without any worries.

Furthermore, it makes your cooking process faster and easier than before. Maybe you are already making plan to buy a pressure cooker. That is okay. Don’t panic when you are about to use this electrical cooker machine. Before purchasing, you should know how to use an electric pressure cooker. Here in this article, I am going to share some tips to go ahead with this topic.
Before using a pressure cooker, you need to learn about some pressure cooking terms and the equipment’s it has to serve you. An electric pressure cooker features three parts such as the lid, inner pot and the housing unit. The most important thing you must know about your electric cooking device is the safety valves and smart control box.
The inner pot is basically made of aluminium or stainless steel. Generally, it is replaceable.
The lid includes a gasket or sealing ring. The pressure generated from hot steam is particularly unsafe for you and the lid protect you from it.
Safety valves are important parts of safety perspective. There are other pressure cooking terms you need to learn.

Pressure indicator, pressure release valve, steam condensation collector, silicone sealing ring and trivet and steam basket. If you don’t know the equipment’s and terms of an electric pressure cooker, you can’t use it properly.

Water test strategy:

Are you a new user of an electric pressure cooker? At first, you should know just with water how your food cooking machine comes to pressure. This is called water test. Following tips will help you clear about this technique.
  • Take your pressure cooking pot. Then add 1 or 2 cups of water in that. Make sure you are using inner pot.
  • Place the lid on that pot properly and lock it.
  • The valve of the cooker should be in the pressure cooking position.
  • Make sure you are selecting a pressure cooking button with short cooking time.
  • Wait for some time and you will see your pressure cooker begins its processing. It will take approximately 5 minutes for the water to heat up. When pressure will reach, the time will start counting down automatically.

Release the pressure:
This is an important step while using an electric pressure cooker.  When cooking is finished, you need to release the pressure. There are two options for releasing pressure from it. Those are quick release and natural release. Let me define these terms for your easy learning.

Quick pressure release:

Quick release means that you are taking immediate step to release pressure by any means such as turning, lifting or pressing the pressure release valve. You can use this release strategy with this food that doesn’t require extra cooking time. This release method can take up to two minutes.

Natural pressure release:

The best way to release any pressure from your food cooking appliance is to let it release all pressures by itself. In most case, you don’t need anything to do. Let the pressure drop itself automatically. This system is specifically good for foods that produce bubble during cooking time. Now a day’s most electric pressure cooker has a pin indicator. When pressure releases, it starts dropping.

3. Learn to use pressure cooking button:

At the very first time, you find the buttons confusing for you. No need to worry about the buttons.  All of the buttons cook exactly the similar way in most cases.  Still, there are some pressure cooking buttons programmed for different types of ingredients. Just with regular usage, you can easily learn it.

4. Caring concern in timing:

Cooking time is very important for you to care about while you are using an electric pressure cooker. It generally depends on the PSI of your low and high-pressure setting of your food cooking device. You can follow pressure cooker manual to learn about general cooking times.

4. Add enough liquid in your pressure cooker:

You must be careful in using sufficient liquid in your pressure cooker to cook.  By following manuals, you can learn about the minimum amount of water you should use in your electric food device machine. Electric pressure cookers are designed to cook with stream and for this reason, sufficient water is necessary to add.

How much water you need to mix basically depends on your cooking recipe. If the steam can’t produce enough heat, add a little more to reach pressure. You must not fill your cooker more than 2/3 full.

5. Never open the lid while cooking:

Never attempt to open your electric pressure cooker when cooking. The thing at least you can do is to just turn off your cooker even if you need. Now a day’s most modern electric cooker is nicely designed in such a way so that it makes next to impossible for someone to open the cooker when internal pressure oversteps outside pressure. If you carelessly open the cooker while cooking, it might be not being safe for you. The excessive heat of steam can burn your kin. So, be careful about that.


An electric pressure cooker is not an impossible task to handle. In this article, I mentioned some advice for you to follow when you are using your cooker. By following these steps, you may learn how to use an electric pressure cooker. Your mouthwatering recipes need to be cooked properly with the safe environment using this electric food cooking machine. So, don’t get afraid of using it. Hope these guidelines will diminish your fears.