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How to stay organized on your moving day?

If you are preparing for your upcoming move, don’t forget to explore how to stay organized on your moving day. We can help.




Moving is many things – stressful, overwhelming, time-consuming and money-consuming. You have to do millions of things before the moving day comes, and a million others after it. That is why so many people hate the idea of moving. But do not worry, there are many ways that can help you organize your entire move and be relaxed during the moving day. The key is planning in advance and planning properly. So, if you are interested in some tips and tricks on how to stay organized on your moving day and how to make moving stress-free, keep on reading.

Get Rid of the Items You Do Not Need

First things first, if you want to avoid all the chaos and clutter, you must get rid of all the items you do not need. That is, the items you do not plan on taking with you. So, gather boxes and bins and start sorting everything out. For example:

  • Throw Away Box – This should be a box for the items that are damaged, broken or completely useless.
  • Donate Box – If you have some items that are in good shape, but you do not need them anymore, consider donating them. You will make somebody really happy!
  • Sell Box – However, if you need some extra cash, you can always sell the items you do not need. Sell them online or organize a yard sale.

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Create a Moving Inventory

Another great way to help you organize is to create a moving inventory or a moving checklist. Here, you should write down all the items you plan on relocating. And,  this will also help you keep track of your possessions during the moving process. You can create this list alone, with the help of friends or let movers do it. Afterward, do not forget to reward the people who helped you move!

Pack One Room at the Time

If you are in a hurry or simply have difficulties organizing, try packing one room at the time. This proved to be a lot quicker and organized way of packing. So, pack the garage, attic, basement, or any storage room you have first. Then, switch to the bedrooms. Again, pack one bedroom at the time. Leave packing up the kitchen and the bathroom for the last day, as those two rooms you will be using until the last moment.

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Label Everything

Well, it goes without saying that the key to an organized move is proper labeling. So, go all out. Label absolutely every box you pack. You can even write down the content of each box on its sides. Moreover, if you have some items that are valuable and easily breakable, do not forget to write ‘Fragile’ on the box. Use a permanent marker for labeling your boxes.