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How to speed up the moving process

The relocation is not something enjoyable. That is why we should try to speed up the moving process so that we have more time left for ourselves.




Moving is always a stressful and daunting process. Nobody looks forward to moving, even if you were to move to your dream home. The thought of everything that must be done is enough to push you over the edge. So, the sooner you get it over with the better. Also, sometimes there are circumstances that are pressuring you to move quickly. No matter what the case may be, there are things that you can do to speed up the moving process.

Speed up the moving process by packing as early as possible

This remark is very tricky. Yes, you should start packing as early as possible. Can you start packing everything that you own as early as possible? No! If you do this, you will be doing yourself a huge disservice and you will be doing the opposite of your goal. You will be slowing down the moving process. Therefore, start packing as early as you can but start with things that you are certain you will not need before your move. For instance, if you are moving during summertime, you can start packing your winter boots and winter stuff that you will not need in for some time but you still must pack them and move them. Packing smartly and earlier than planned is a great way to prevent problems when moving.

Use your old bags to pack your thing, instead of purchasing additional boxes

Organization is key

Put a plan in place. Write down every single little or big thing that needs to be done. If you can, put every task in your calendar and mark not only the start of the task but also set a deadline when the task needs to be completed. Also, every task should be a separate planning unit. For example, when boxing things, every box should be labeled. Another option is to put pictures on the boxes. This way not only will you save time while packing, but you will save even more time when unpacking in your new home. This is one of those tips that will make your move stress free or at least it will minimize your stress level and anxiety.

Whatever you do, don’t overthink it

You are not doing yourself a service if you make your move into a rocket science project. Everything you do needs to be efficient and simple. Otherwise, it will be time-consuming and you will waste valuable time instead of trying to speed up the moving process. Moving can affect your mental health since you will be very flustered and stressed. By making everything simple you will at least give yourself a mental break.

Put your plan on your paper and follow from start to finish.

Don’t be hesitant to ask for help

Nothing can speed up the moving process like an extra set of hands. Ask friends and family to help you pack. Make packing sessions into a gossip and coffee session. If that is not your cup of tea you can always organize a pizza and beer packing soiree. Not only will you have valuable help, but you will also get a chance to spend some quality time with the people that matter the most to you. This good especially if you are going through a long-distance move. Every moment that you spend with people that you are leaving behind is valuable. Another great option when it comes to helping is finding reliable local movers to handle the move for you. What can be more useful than a seasoned moving professional?

If possible move some stuff before moving day

Get in touch with your new landlord or property owner and check when is the earliest move-in date. Perhaps, it might be a significant number of days before your scheduled moving day. If that turns out to be the case, do not waste those days. You can do two things. One option is to move some boxes to the property before moving day comes. Another option is to clean before moving day comes, so you do not need to waste time when you get to your new home on moving day. Whatever you do in advance is a great way to speed up the moving process.

Everything must be prepared the night before

Once the moving day comes, everything must be prepared. All you need to be doing on moving day is actually moving. Everything needs to be packed beforehand and prepared. Once you get up and you get ready you should immediately start packing. Even your clothes for moving day need to be prepared the night before. There are many tips that can get you prepared for moving day.

Have a tactic when packing your things into the moving truck

First, you must pack large and heavy items onto the truck. Everything like large furniture and appliances must be packed first. This way you will be sure that all large items can feet into the moving truck. Everything else like boxes and garbage bags can be packed afterward. It is much easier to pack smaller items once everything large is settled on to the moving truck.

The size of your moving truck depends on the number of things that you need to move

There are many ways that can help you to speed up your moving process. Unfortunately, some things during the moving process cannot be skipped. However, there are many things that can be done not only to speed up the moving process but also to simplify the entire process. More than anything, you should have patience and endurance to push through the entire process of moving. If you need motivation once you get stuck, think about how great it will feel once everything is done and you have moved into your new residence. Happy moving!