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How to select an artwork in an Oil Painting Gallery?



Well, it is just not easy to score an artwork in art galleries. With so many sophisticated paintings around and various experts hovering, art lovers often found themselves detached in such space. Especially if you are a fan of oil paintings, things could go much confusing and onerous. With technological advancements and ease of accessibility to artworks, most of the art aficionados avoid visiting brick & mortar galleries to quench their thirst.

However easily the paintings may be available on the web, the charm and ecstasy that is experienced in observing a painting live are unmatchable. When I first visited an art gallery, I got a sense of guilt inside me, telling “Why did you take so many years to come here?”

Being in an oil painting gallery gives you what I would call a blissful gut and a sensation in your creative flair. The very first thing to notice with the oil paintings is their colours. The oil painters are known for their playfulness of colours. Be it Leonardo, Picasso, Tintoretto, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Cezanne or Van Gough, everyone ferociously used vivacious colours in their work.

Even today, artists across the world are creating some exquisite and appealing oil paintings in every genre of art such as abstract, contemporary, modern, etc. So, if you are planning to explore some art gallery to grab an astonishing oil painting, be calm. Follow the mentioned-below tips to score a splendid piece of oil painting:

Gather your wits

“A prepared man is headed for success”. This saying befits every scenario. So, before you visit an oil painting gallery, make sure to be well-versed with what you are about to witness and what you actually desire. You like oil paintings, I get it, but what type of art are you aiming to purchase? Is it the surreal nature of the landscape paintings or the perfect-contentment of abstract art or the elation offered by the contemporary pieces?

Whatever you like, be prepared first. Read about your favourite genre of oil paintings and collect information about the art exhibition you are planning to visit. Making a random visit to an oil painting gallery won’t offer you anything more than confusion and frustration. The internet can also be a great source to find details on your pursuit.

Be a good listener

One of the biggest misconceptions is that people love to hear about art in the galleries. Well, it is not true. Doesn’t matter how much prowess you hold, ensure to hear as much as you can from the gallery owners and the artist, if present. Schooling the gallery owners, artists, and others present isn’t a wise option. The more you listen, the better will be your decision. It is always good to observe art and the people around you.

Keep Calm

It is completely fine if in your first walk in the gallery no oil painting is able to make a connection with you. This tends to happen more often when you are visiting an oil painting gallery of abstract work. No art lover or expert is ever able to comprehend with an artwork in the very first appearance. Making a connection with an artwork takes time. Take multiple walks alongside the artworks in the gallery. Look at the bold colours and the flow of brush and sense the kind of expression artist is trying to throw on the canvas. Give your mind & heart the time to relax. Do not panic in the first few minutes thinking “I have done a mistake coming here”. You haven’t. Art comes to those who are foolish enough to wait for it.

Connect with the owner

Being an art collector or lover, you require extremely good social skills. Especially when you are visiting an art gallery, the more communicative you are, the more the probability of building a connection with prominent people becomes. Try to talk to the art gallery owners. Remember, these people are not just waiting there for you to barge in and have a chit-chat. So, better would be to observe when the owner is not so occupied and then smoothly slid in and start a conversation. Keep the interaction light in the beginning. Try to find out the motivation that leads the owner to this gallery and dig out the passion for art in the story. Later on, you can briefly and articulately narrate your thoughts on art. This will help you in making a solid connection with the art gallery owner, eventually aiding you in scoring the preferred artwork.

Know the artist

If the artist is also present in the gallery during the exhibition, nothing could be better than that. Whatever piece of oil paintings you want to score, know the story behind it because every artwork has a backstory. Try to converse politely and humbly with the artists. Know his journey, his perceptions, and what he thinks of art. Doing so will tell you whether it is worth putting money in that particular piece of oil painting or not.

Handle your budget

Of course, you do not want to take a loan to purchase an artwork, right? Or can you? IMHO, a wise collector or art lover would nimbly manage his/her finance to compliment it with the purchase. So, be reasonable in your purchase and ask the gallery owner if any sort of installment facility is available or not.