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How to save money on an international move?



If you think that moving to the neighboring city is expensive, just try moving to another state or continent. This is an endeavor of massive proportions and it might take up too much of your resources. In a lot of cases, people are usually not even able to afford such a move. However, in every moving 101 book you will see that there are numerous ways to be frugal during this time and save money on an international move, as well as the one in the same city. You just need to find those ways and do your best to abide by them.

Find reliable yet affordable relocation professionals

For an interstate move, no one can help you more than reputable relocation professionals. They are the ones who, unlike you, have all the resources and knowledge necessary for taking you across the state borders. However, long distance movers often come at a high price. Good news – if you are living anywhere in the USA, you have dozens, if not hundreds of moving companies in your vicinity. And, if moving from the USA to Ontario, which is one of the most common relocation destinations for Americans, your options really are limitless. In fact, your options have no boundaries wherever you are moving – be it Canada, the UK or Asia.

A common misconception is that cheap movers are either fraudulent or of low quality. The truth is that cheap movers can be just as competent as the most expensive ones, if not even more so. All you need to do is know how to lower your moving price, for which there are a couple of ways.

  • To save money on an international move, avoid moving during the peak moving season.
  • Try to find discounts that moving companies often give.
  • Ask for a couple of moving estimates from different companies, and compare the prices.

Moving quote

Pay attention, because on whether or not you calculate your moving costs in advance depends your entire relocation. If you have no idea what a moving quote is, the simplest way to explain it would be that it is an estimate of the costs you will have while moving. A moving company will include items such as the number of movers, special services and the number of hours necessary for carrying out your move. Based on that information, the price of your move will be decided. Knowing what you are up against is crucial for your success. Once you ask for a few moving quotes and compare the results, you will know which company is the most affordable one. And not only that, you will know which movers have the expertise as well as the price that suits your needs.

Save on packing supplies

Usually, the first thing people do when moving is running to shops, looking for moving boxes and either wooden or plastic crates. No one is denying that you will not need these materials galore. We are simply suggesting that you could find them at a much smaller price.

There are free packing supplies to be found wherever you look. Whether you decide to take a trip to your local supermarket or bookstore, we can assure you that you will find what you are looking for. And, in the rare instances this doesn’t work out, you can always ask your family and friends whether they have any supplies left over from when they were moving. No one will be more than happy to help you save money on an international move than your loved ones!

Let your friends and family help you save money on an international move

Even if you don’t want to burden the ones close to you with helping you move, we are sure that they will be more than happy to do it. While your friends might not be able to singlehandedly move you to another state, they can certainly help you prepare for it and save money. For example, packing is one of the extra moving services most movers offer. This service comes at a great price, though. If you have your loved ones help you pack up your belongings, you won’t have to pay extra for movers to do it. This was just one instance – there are many other ways how your friends can be of help. From helping you notify people that you are moving to simply providing emotional support, you can count on your loved ones to be there for you!

Consider shipping your belongings

Do you have any big and bulky items in your home, such as a piano? If you do, one thought must have been crossing your mind since the day you found out about your move – the prospect of moving it across the world. Your movers will certainly be able to do it, no doubt about that. But, if you have too many heavy items, you should think about an alternative. Sometimes, shipping them will be much more affordable. Air freight and sea freight has become a popular way of getting items from point A to point B, all at an affordable price. Turns out that to save money on an international move, the first thing that needs to be done is a careful analysis of your situation, needs, options, and budget.

Ways to save money on an international move are everywhere!

All you need to do is be resourceful! When you are planning a relocation, you are going through the logistics, and your financial capabilities. Really, the planning will be intense, but you can do it. Especially if you want to save money on an international move when the planning has to be taken on a whole new level. Good luck, and may you survive this impending move without your bank account in the red.


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