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How to properly pack and move sculptures and statues

Are you looking for a way to properly pack and move sculptures and statues? Don’t worry, we have some good tips for you.



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Moving is a fairly demanding process, the reason being that it, for the most part, requires connecting a bunch of different aspects and doing them simultaneously. If you’re someone who’s not as good at organizing as you’d like to be, this might be a bit hard for you. One of these aspects is certainly packing. It falls under the category of chores that might seem simple and easily achievable but could get quite complicated. Nevertheless, dwelling on your faith is the last thing you should be wasting your time on. Instead, try to think about the best ways of getting this task done. Here’s some advice on how to properly pack and move sculptures and statues that might be helpful.


Planning your move will give you enough time to think about properly packing and moving sculptures and statues. If you don’t allow yourself to be fully prepared, you might run into more problems than expected. This is because we tend to panic and make mistakes if we’re not certain about something.

The best way to prepare for something as complicated as a move is to start as soon as possible. Set some time apart to write down everything that you think you should do. First, go through all the basics and necessities and later add to that list as you go. Another advice that might help is to try and read up on the subject a bit. The more you know, the less insecure you’ll feel, and the better chances you’ll have of packing and moving sculptures and statues properly.

Store sculptures and statues properly in order to pack and move them

One of the most important things to do when looking for the best way to properly pack and move sculptures and statues is to find a good place for them while the move is happening. These items are often quite heavy and fragile and, therefore, need tending to and attention more than the rest.

containers for properly packing and moving sculptures and statues

You need to think of a good place where every one of your requirements is fulfilled. If you think that storing them in your basement or attic will do, that’s great. Do whatever makes sense to you. However, if you’re someone who has small kids or a very busy household for whatever reason, you might want to think twice.

Storing sculptures and statues properly before you pack and move them is essential. This is why it might be smart to think about self-storage. Finding a storage unit near you and taking advantage of its purpose to the fullest is definitely worth it if you have some fragile items you need to keep safe for a while. This way, you’ll ensure that nothing disrupts the smooth flow of your move.

Use the right materials

Another thing that’s immensely important when trying to properly pack and move sculptures and statues is wrapping them in materials that are going to make sure they stay safe. And not just that. Apart from what you’re using to pack your items, you need to think about how you’re packing them as well.

A bubble pack with some scissors and tape on top of it

Here are some tips that might come in handy:

  • Bubble pack
    Using bubble pack when properly moving and packing sculptures and statues is essential. It one of those things that are surely multipurpose. Apart from just wrapping everything in bubble wrap to protect it from damage of any kind, think about using it to fill any holes that disrupt the endurance of your items. This way, you’ll prevent them from cracking or collapsing in case anything happens to them.
  • Sturdier boxes
    Using sturdier cardboard boxes or even some better quality plastic ones really does make a difference. If padded well, all that’s left for you to do in order to ensure that your sculptures and statues are properly packed and moved is to not let anything unexpected come their way. Boxes will prevent anything heavy or potentially harmful break your items.
  • Materials that you already own
    If you don’t want to spend money on packing supplies, that’s understandable. Luckily, you can make sure that you’re properly packing and moving your sculptures and statues with the use of ordinary everyday items. For example, instead of a bubble pack, use some crumbled paper. The options are endless.
  • Label
    Make sure to always label anything that you’re packing. You don’t need to go overboard with this. A simple marker on a box combination will be sufficient.

Hire movers to help

There sometimes comes a time when we must admit defeat. All jokes aside, you might not be able to pull this off on your own for whatever reason. That’s fine. Something you can do is hire New York’s professionals, specialized for this sort of revenue. Paying someone to do a chore that you’re unable to, is the beauty of today’s fast-paced world. Make sure that you’ve hired the right people that you trust. Otherwise, you might as well pack and move sculptures and statues yourself.

Two people shaking hands and making a deal on how to properly pack and move sculptures and statues

Have everything ready in case you need to properly pack and move sculptures and statues again

You might be someone that moves frequently or is planning on relocating these items. If that’s the case, the fact that you succeded to properly pack and move sculptures and statues is essential. All you have to do is save the materials and remember the process. This way, it’ll all be ready to pack and move again in no time.