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How To Properly Maintain Your Vehicle While Exploring The Countryside



Everyone likes a good road trip every once in a while. There’s no better place to drive through and explore than the Australian countryside. There are more than enough Interesting areas to drive through and you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful natural scenery. However, driving isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, there’s a lot of maintenance involved. Your car is like a living organism that requires nurture and pampering. Considering you’re heading to the countryside, it might require some additional attention in the form of constant maintenance. If you want your car to stay completely functional during the trip, follow some of these important pointers.

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1. Tires and tire pressure

Obviously, you’re going to check out your tires first. Way before the trip even starts, your tires will be pumped up and ready for action. Unfortunately, that might not be enough for a long road trip. The rocky terrain and dirt roads can take quite a toll on them. Maintaining the right kind of tire pressure during the whole trip probably won’t be feasible. This is why you have to check them every once in a while. As you know, the optimal pressure should be roughly at the pressure point of your vehicle. If they aren’t at the right pressure, they might wear out faster. Considering the road that will be beneath them, this could be sooner than you think.

Tire tread has to be maintained too. Proper tread will allow your tires to come to a much quicker stop. You won’t need to make many sudden stops on the long roads of the countryside, but it’s important to maintain general maneuverability and mobility while on the road.

Always keep a spare tire on hand. You don’t want to end up with a flat in the bush while you’re on your way to Broome.

2. Take care of those wiper blades

You might not encounter a lot of rainfall during your trek through the Red Centre way, but you should always be ready. When heading too far from society, you need to be prepared for the worst. When the heavy rains hit, you will want to maintain visibility throughout the downpour. Your wiper blades need some extra care before and during the trip. Beforehand, you will want to make sure that their base functions and that they have no defects. They should be able to keep your windshield clean enough to see anything coming your way.

You probably won’t be in any difficult driving situations, but it’s always a good idea to stay on the side of caution. During your trip, the wipers might get caught up in debris that hit your windshield. If the rubber part shows any signs of damage or dirt build up, you will want to rub it down with some rubbing alcohol. It’s going to end up brand new, or at least as close as it can get to brand new. If push comes to shove, you could actually get some new wipers to keep as spares. A stray rock can knock them out which is why it’s important to always have a backup ready.

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3. Ready the interior for the trip

Your car interior becomes like a second home when you’re on the road. You probably won’t be sleeping in there, but there’s no reason you can’t treat it like you will. Make sure your car isn’t full of unnecessary junk before you head on the road.

During the trip, you will probably accumulate quite a bit of junk and plastic bags. It’s perfectly understandable considering that you’re going to have to eat along the way. However, don’t let it take over your car while you’re driving through the countryside. A clean and orderly inside will give you clarity of mind on the trip. Having a mess on your hands will only put you under some additional stress.

4. Keep it clean during the trip

A clean vehicle is a prerequisite for every long trip. You don’t want to travel in a dirty environment. When you take a trip through the Australian countryside, you shouldn’t expect your car to end up squeaky clean. The dirt roads can get quite muddy. Even without too much mud, dust and small particles will make your car a mess eventually.

Cleaning up your car along the road won’t be an easy task. You probably can’t clean all those hard to reach places alone. Not to mention the time restraints you might have during the trip. It might be best to get assistance from places like Schmicko car wash. When making your way through Adelaide to Darwin, you probably won’t find too many stationary places to clean along the way.

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5.  The lights need attention too

If you’re headed for a long road trip, you probably won’t stop when the sun goes down. Obviously, you will need something to illuminate the way. The lights on your car will need to be well prepared for this. Unfortunately, car lights tend to be fickle. They can go out in a moment’s notice. A short trip to a mechanic for check might work.

Make sure your headlights and high beams are ready before you get going anywhere. Tail light and blinkers might not seem too important out there in the country, but you can never be too sure. When you’re on the road, check out your headlights often before starting your car. If they’re looking a little dingy, it’s possible to clean them yourself. Just make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand.


Keeping your car safe and functional during long drives can be a pain, but it’s a necessary evil. You will want your fun road trip to go off without a hitch. Wherever you decide to take your car, keeping it ready is going to make the long road much more bearable. If you keep some of these tips in mind, even minor hiccups along the road are going to be solvable.