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How to Prepare Your Home For Diwali Festive Season




Diwali is the brightest and most beautiful festival of India, and the whole of India celebrates it with great enthusiasm. People believe that goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, arrives at their homes so people clean and decorate their homes with decorative Diwali Diyas and lights to decorate them. Rangoli also enhances the beauty of the entrance. The cleaning and decorating the houses are the necessary actions because Goddess Lakshmi comes in clean and clutter-free areas. Everyone wants their home to look more beautiful than others. If you’re going to prepare your home for Diwali festive season, then this article will help you a lot. You can make a list in which you write the things about how to prepare your home for Diwali and then follow the steps one by one. You make concern with every corner of the house. Planning makes it easy for you to clean and decorate your home uniquely and stylishly. 

Some of the unique ways for how to prepare your homes for Diwali festive season are


The most important step to prepare your home for Diwali makes the home trash-free first. You have to remove all unwanted and unnecessary items from the house which occupied the space in your home. It is a physical and emotional step because there are some feelings attached to everything in your home. But in spite of this, you have to allow some time every day for it. These things are responsible for to look at your home dirty and untidy. Cleaning is a step by step process, and you have to remove all the clutter from every corner of the house. You have to start from one end of the house and then go with every room, drawer, shelf, behind the refrigerator, under the bed, etc. You can donate the things, put them on sale, or some throw in Dustin, which are of no use.

Deep Cleaning 

It is the time of deep cleaning after removing the unwanted things from home. Clean the floor effectively with floor cleaners like a vacuum cleaner, sweepers, brooms, and clothes, etc. Don’t forget to clean the areas under bed, below the furniture, top of shelves, behind the paintings and TV, over light bulbs and clocks, etc. You can start cleaning your homes a few days before Diwali or especially on weekends.

Decide a theme

Diwali is round to corner, and you have to think more about how to decorate your home on this Diwali. Do you want a vibrant style from the brocades and brass lamps? Or do you want to give an earthy touch like using clay pots and leaf torans on this festive season? Now, It is up to you in which manner you would like to decorate your homes. Firstly, you have to think about what you have already at home and how you can use them for decorating purposes. Unusual saree can be used as a curtain to give a grand look to your home. So decide a theme to decorate your home on this Diwali with your family members.

Make a list of home decor items

After decluttering, deep cleaning, and deciding a theme, now you have to make a list for home decor items. Creating a list of home decor items is the ideal way because you do not forget the small things for your home. Home decor items include the Diwali diyas and candles, puja thali, etc. Diwali is the occasion of exchanging Diwali gifts with your family, friends, and relatives so you can make a list of gifts you want to give them. No matter you are not with them. You can send Diwali gifts to them online via online services to the doorstep of their home. 

Go for shopping

After making a list, you can go shopping and buy the things for your home and gifts for your loved one. You can shop online. Do you want to send Diwali gifts to your Mother? If you want to send Diwali gifts for your Mother than you can send online via online services.

Above mentioned steps will surely help you to prepare your home for Diwali and decorate uniquely and stylishly. Have a Great Diwali!