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How to prepare your car for transportation?




When moving, you should consider all the details. Most people think about packing and adjusting to a new place, but if you own a vehicle, you should decide should you move your car too? If the answer is yes, then prepare your car for transportation like a pro and enjoy driving after moving.
For some people, their car is the most important item when relocating. They invested time, money and a lot of love in the car. If selling your car is not an option, then transportation is. It can be hard and difficult, especially if you do not have any experience and you are doing this for the first time. The shipping process is a little bit longer and it requires a lot of preparation, so let’s start as soon as possible. Right now.

Your car must arrive undamaged and safe.

Your car must arrive undamaged and safe.

Choosing the best company is key

Obviously, you should have a company to transport your car instead of you. And that is why it is key to successful car transportation. Especially for transportation overseas. Shipping your car to another state may be very stressful, but when you have a company to help you, it will be easier.
Your car must arrive without any damage inside or outside, and on time. That is also a rule for the rest of the household items you need to move. When you find and hire a reliable moving company, half of the job is already done. Preparation is up to you, and you should know what is included in a car moving preparation.

Tips to prepare your car for transportation

Tips and tricks are probably essential when you need to prepare your car for transportation for the first time or you did not do it for a long time, so you forgot it. Having a guide and a checklist will make sure you do everything. From beginning to the end.

Take your car to an auto mechanic

If you are moving to another country it will take time until you find an auto mechanic, you can trust. So, before you change your location ask for some professional help when moving and check the whole car, including:
⦁ The pressure in tires. It should not be under-inflated or over-inflated.
⦁ A car battery which must be fully charged.
⦁ Fluids such as oil, coolant, transmission fluid, fluid leaks, etc.
⦁ Brakes and emergency brake must work flawlessly when you need to prepare your car for transportation.

Check every detail on your car before relocation.
Check every detail on your car before relocation.

Wash and clean your car before transportation

Washing is important because dirt and dust may cover some damages or to create new damages during transportation. Also, you will be able to notice damages on your car after transportation. After washing, clean your car inside too. Your car must be flawless, it is easier for the moving company and for you too.

Remove personal items

Cleaning the inside of your car also includes removing all the personal items. TV, DVD, GPS, air fresheners, clothing, chargers. Not only because it can be stolen, but also because your car will be moving and everything that is not secured, just remove it. Pack those items in a separate moving box.

Wash and clean your car inside and out.
Wash and clean your car inside and out.

Remove parking passes and toll tag

Many people forget to remove their parking passes and toll tags. If you keep them on your car during transportation, it could be charged and also, they could be targeted for theft. It is valuable, so the best and safest solution is to remove them before a moving day.

Disable the alarm

A car will be jostled a little bit during transportation. It is normal, so do not forget to disable your alarm. It is not dangerous to leave it, but it will make workers that are transporting your car very nervous and mad. Alarm sounds are very frustrating. Disabling is simple and fast, so do not skip this step.

Empty the gas tank

Prepare your car for transportation and do not leave a tank full of gas. Yes, it will be transported but not driven. ¼ of a tank will be enough. If you leave your tank full, a car will be much heavier and that will increase the cost of transportation and a risk.

Take photos

When your car is clean and ready to ship it, take photos (from several angles) and write a date when the photos are taken. If something happens during transportation, for example, some damage, you will have proof that everything was perfect and undamaged before. Also, make a written record of cosmetic damages, if they are any.

Lock the car

In order to secure your car, prepare it for loading to the truck, trailer or ship. Fold back your side mirrors and retract the antenna that is on the car. If you have a convertible car, make sure the top is well secured.
After your car is loaded, lock it. There are no reasons to be opened.

Documentation for car transportation to another country

You will need to prepare certain documents before you transport your vehicle, in this case, a car. Make sure you have every document and there will not be a problem in the transportation process.
⦁ Title and original registration
⦁ Insurance
⦁ ID, driver’s license, passport, and photo identification
⦁ You must have a notarized letter with car information
⦁ Bill of sale
⦁ Proof of sales tax
⦁ Import duty
Prepare all the car's documents.

Prepare all the car’s documents.

So, now when you know how and where to start, your journey shall begin. Prepare your car for transportation as a professional would and your worries will be minimized. If you will transport your car from the USA to China it requires patience, a good company to handle it and a lot of preparation. If you are in love with your car, then it is worth it.