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How to Make a Wig Look Natural



There are several accessories targeted at beautifying a lady. These items range from facial products to general body skin beautifying items. Another very important set of accessories that can never be overlooked and the female hair products m. A recent survey in the USA made it known that a well to do lady that takes proper care of her hair regularly will end up spending about $55,000 on it throughout her lifetime.

One major way women have come to adapt and also reduce their cost of hair and its products is the use of lace wigs.

The function of these wigs is quite enormous as it can be used with different intentions, and since it has various variation depending on the taste of the buyer or designer.

Making use of a wig is quite common in recent times as there are several hairdressers who are willing and ready to get it done at prices lower than what you will get it on name brands. Although sometimes the quality will be lowered, but not in all cases.

Even though the use of wigs has become quite popular, people still feel the need for it not to become obvious they are wearing a wig. The reason for this is more metal and physiological so we won’t be getting much into that.

Making your wig appear natural is not an easy fit as it requires some bit of learning and routine that must be followed on regular bases.

There are three main things that need to be taken care of to keep your wig looking natural at all times.

These three very important processes are what will keep your wig looking smart on your head at all time, and help to further enhance the illusion of a natural here.

The three things to take note of includes;

  1. Lump
  2. Shine
  3. Lace
  4. Lumps.

Nothing outs a wig faster than a lump in the wig. A lump is an area of the wig which does not match the overall shape and structure of the head the wig is on. It is a generally a form of a swollen area on the wig that makes it a little bit disfigured. Since the shape of the head does not take that form, and you are not trying to hide a swollen membrane under your hair, a lump will be noticed from far away and it will definitely be the first sign that lets everyone know what you are putting on is a wig and not your natural hair. To fix a lump make sure you straighten and thoroughly comb the wig before use.

  1.  Shine.

A natural hair that is taken care of regularly has a certain shine to it that makes it look smooth and healthy even before you touch the hair. Treating your wig regularly with several hair cleaning products and making sure it is well creamed, brushed and straighten also brings out the shine. Although you need to be very careful while doing this as it becomes quite easy for wigs to get destroyed if it becomes over treated, just like your actual hair.

However synthetic wigs are known to have a certain unnatural looking shine. The shine is way too flashy than any natural hair, so you need to tune this down a bit until it looks very human hair like. You can do this making use of translucent powders and dry shampoos.

  1. Lace

This is the part holding all the well-arranged hair attachments together to form a nice wig based on your hairstyle of choice. As much as most wig makers try to hide this part from the sharp eyes of fault-finders, it has become increasingly hard to do so for some certain complicated styles of hair.

Although some hairstyle is designed in such a way to hide this flaw, other cannot really escape not having their lace seen. In order to counter this, there are certain measures to be taken. These measures depend mostly on how much you are willing to go to hid this lace. One of the most common methods is to make use of a coloring make up kit (eyeshadow, foundation, concealer pressed powder etc) that matches your scalp skin tone. Adding a little bit of this to the exposed area will help to provide the illusion that the lace is part of your scalp. For wigs whereby the lace tends to be visible at the edges, you can easily make use of a headband or scarf, or better still trim it off to the last edge.  This will also do a great job in hiding your laced edges.

If you can make sure all these three properties of bad wigs is avoided, you will surely be able to make your wig look as natural as possible.

Another thing that matters a lot is how well you keep your wigs and how you take care of the wig when you are not using it.

It is not uncommon for people to pack all their wigs in a fixed place, with one wig on top of the other. As time goes on since the wigs have not breathing space, the sweat from previous use tends to add up. This sweat eventually leads to a stench which might become very hard to get rid of.

To avoid this, it recommends that you get a wig rack or better still improvise with something that looks like a wig rack. This way your wigs will receive air and become dry and ready for use almost immediately.

Apart from being a wise and more convenient way to store your wigs, this will eventually save you money on the long runs, as fewer hair products will be used on the wig since you will be able to reuse your wigs with just a simple brushing and application of hair cream.

However for some, this might seems like a lot of work, to still enjoy a natural looking wig, you can purchase a wig made from human hair and make sure you have the wigs properly prepare against any use. This can be done at any hair salon near you. This way you will always have you natural looking wigs ready for use.