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How to make a special space for your tools in the garage?



Garages used to be separate buildings from the house in yesterdays. But with the evolution of mankind, these have become a part of the main house having a stylish interior. These have sliding-up or horizontally corrugated flexible but strong sheet steel doors to accommodate valuable vehicles along with other lesser-used stuff of household.

Redecorating and renovations are not only confined to the workplace, homes or shopping malls etc. but they are being extended to the garage so that it becomes and looks more spacious and accommodating. A dingy & not-up-to-mark area of the house can be organized as one of the most favorite space having organized walls. Listed below are few tips and tricks to make a special place for your different tools in the garage. Using these methods will change the notion of how the fully clustered garage could look, as it undergoes a total makeover

1) Use cleats and big bins


Use recycle bins, boxes available in different sizes to keep different items in the garage stored at one place. One can also mount them on the wall using cleats, screwed in the wall. The cleats enable holding the baskets with the proper spacing on the garage wall. This would save a lot of space in the garage and will keep your special tools handy and easily detectable. You can also put a label on the bins listing the content so that finding the required tool gets even simpler.

2) Deep clear Bins

Deep clear bins can help you keep small objects and tools like screwdrivers, paintbrushes, hammer, nails, screws, bolts, small spray bottles, gloves, pliers and cutters etc. separately. Hanging the deep bins on the wall using hooks, can eliminate the clutter in the garage. Possibilities are there that space for further storage of goods is generated.

3) Hooks, hangers, and metallic or wooden shelves


Hooks and hangers help to hang small or big tools such as fishing rods, saw, spade, shovels etc. By hanging these tools, one can find them quickly, keep them tangle-free and may also eliminate the possibility of coming across accidents resulting from the collision with them. A solid mounting surface on the garage wall can hold different shelves and hooks. Then different kind of big and small stuff can be placed on these inexpensive shells and hooks such as lubricant bottles, empty flower vase, Screwdriver kits, air blower and much more. You can also hang your tool backup here, for easy accessibility.

4) Hose or cord holders on the pegboards

galvanized metallic pegboard with black hooks wall control pegboards accessories 30wgl210gvb 64 1000

A hose or cord holder, when screwed in the wall garage, enables hanging chords, water hose pipe neatly and in a more organized manner. Multi-utility Monkey bar wall unit can be installed. Made up of steel, this unit helps to organize tools and materials off from the garaged floor. The various hooks enable hanging different tools such as brooms, rakes, shovels, and other garden tools whereas the shelf help to store different bottles, baskets and other not- too-often-needed items. Pegboard installed on the garage wall comes to the rescue having most helpful holes. These holes can clasp vivid tools by screwing hooks or hangers in its holes. The board with the holes makes the drilling stay at bay.

5) Corner shelves


The nifty corner shelves take very less space for the installation and make the full utilization of the corner of the garage walls. These shelves are very fast, easy and cheaper method of making the most out of the space available. With the usage of plywood or strand board, the shelves can be snuggly fit into the corner wall studs with the support of cleats. These are perfect for storing small items like glue, wax and polishes, oils, small paint boxes and another bottle which would otherwise get lost into bigger shelves. Keeping them in front of eyes enables easy detection, whenever needed and also avoids doubling of their purchase.

6) Heavy duty steel rack

$ 1

A heavy duty steel shelving unit can hold heavyweight items like car extra wheels, big metallic boxes, small gas cylinders, wood planks, bike accessories like helmet, extra or replaced headlights, clutch sets, etc. so that these are more comfortably placed in the one corner of the garage, stacked one over the other in proper arrangement, leaving more usable space available.

7) Double duty shelf brackets

Shelf brackets come handy in garage and workshop also where the hooks can be bend to suit long tools whereas the top shelf can be used to place heavy boxes and bins. The wired wall mounts can be added in a layer of 3 to 4 inches gap. This layering concept enables storing more hardware easily in a space-efficient way.

8) Deep shelves and cabinet near the ceiling

Utilize the high space in a garage by having the shelves or cabinets installed at the height for storing not-so-often used tools. Camping gear or items required during holiday decorations and other seasonal staff can be kept in this storage space.

9) A fold-up work-table with storage space.

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A folding work surface having storage space at its back offers ample of storage space for small tools and tools kits. The proper quality workbench in the garage enables finishing intricate projects on time.

10) Keep the ladder out of the way

ladder rack for garage ceiling ladder storage overhead ladder storage ceiling ladder storage ski and snowboard ceiling rack ladder ceiling ceiling ladder storage ladder hooks for garage ceiling

You can use the wall ceiling roller mount to hang the ladder from the ceiling so that it does not hog the primary storage space of the garage. This inexpensive wall mount with the roller allows easy sliding of the ladder from the ceiling. The elastic cord used for fastening the ladder, avoids accidental rolling out or fall.


The garage is not only for parking your vehicle but it can be turned a good living space beyond the parking and storing quad with little makeover and renovations. Get rid of the clutter by boxing or tossing away with the items that are not regularly used. Wall panel systems such as pegboards can help the garage look more functional and spacious. The wall panel system can take off from the floor big items like wheelbarrows, ladders, and bicycles whereas the heavy duty racks and shelves can accommodate various other heavyweight items one over the other in the proper arrangement Mountable cabinets and bins can keep the tools and other odd things out of sight. The bump out additions is best to utilize the ceiling space for storage.

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