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How to Make a Perfect Invitation Video?



We are a part of this revolution where everything is turning digital, from online dating to groom hunting everything works on the virtual level. This reiterates that, it’s about time we stopped boring our guests with same old paper wedding invites. Most often these cards either keep lying stacked up amidst plies of rubbish and dust, or get flown away into thin air as paper planes. Add some spice and action to your wedding invites with customised wedding invitation videos from Video Friday, because getting awesome video invites just got as easy as pie. So here are 6 steps to cracking the perfect video invite-

  1. Select the form/Style- If you are planning to get a video invite, then one of the first considerations should be the form/ style. Wedding invite and Anniversary video makers like Video Friday, are sure to spoil you for choice with an array of options like Save the date, Wedding Invitation Book, Traditional Wedding Invitation, Silver Jubilee Celebration Invite video templates.
  2. Narrate a Story- The best way to make invites more enticing is by spinning a story around it. Do away with the tiring details of date, time, venue, and add a personal touch to your wedding video invites, by sharing details of your relationship, how and when you met, and the special moments shared together. Make your guests a part of your beautiful journey.
  3. Video Clips- Create a beautiful video invite with a myriad of video clippings, where each clipping stands testimony to a beautiful memory. Integrate snapshots of these clippings into your anniversary video maker, and delight your guests with an invite they will dare not to fly away as a paper plane.
  4. Pictures –The best way to establish an instant personal connection with your invitees in a video invite is by adding pictures to it. Include great candid shots into the video to make your invite fully customizable. With each picture add a small blooper to it narrating the memory associated with that picture.
  5. Spark it up with fun fonts- The right use of fonts can make a great deal of a difference to the look and feel of your video. Thank god with anniversary video makers like Video Friday you can remain in absolute control of what you want to show in the video. If you are opting for traditional invites preferably stick to classic fonts in bold and italics. If it’s a fun invite then opt for distressed fonts which have an informal and flyer look to it.
  6. Music- You can play up big time with the overall appeal of your wedding video invite by integrating the right kind of music into your invite. In recent times musical invitations have picked up immense popularity, especially because music adds great pace to the flow of the video. So sit back and choose from a range of pre-recorded background music options, and with a simple click-tap get your video invites delivered at your fingertips.

So be the boss and create a fantastic customized video invite with Video Friday today!

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