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How to Make a Gaming Website with WORDPRESS



If you are reading this, then you probably love video games and have enjoyed playing them since you were a kid. If this is true, we are sure the thought of having your gaming website crossed your mind a couple of times. We have decided to give you a helping hand and go through the necessary steps for you to make your gaming website using WordPress. So, How to Make a Gaming Website with WORDPRESS?

Buy a Web Host and Domain

A couple of the first things that you have to do for your gaming website is to buy a domain name and a web host. You will need a unique address for the website, and then you need to find an “accommodation” space where you can store your website online.

Important note: Make sure the web host is connected with the domain name.

As you can probably guess, the most common domains are .net, .org, and .com – these domains will bring a professional look over your website. Therefore people will want to trust it more. So make sure you pick a vast domain, such as kostenfreie spiele. Make sure your website’s name is something very easy to remember to be clear and catchy.

There are many domains and web hosting providers, so it will be up to you to decide what gaming website builder you will choose.

Choose the WordPress Platform

Back in the old days of the internet, it was a tremendous task to build a gaming website. You need quite the skills in HTML code, and it was very difficult to update, work on, or edit the website without any prior coding language.

 Luckily for you, nowadays, it’s much easier to do so, thanks to platforms like WordPress. It is the most popular at the moment, and let’s see exactly why it is so popular for building a gaming website:

  • It’s free to use – WordPress is accessible and free for everyone to join. If you are just starting to make a gaming website, then it’s perfect because you can save a lot of money.
  • It is perfect for beginners – Being very intuitive and easily used, contributed to its popularity, and now it attracts thousands of visitors per day. If you know your way around Microsoft Word, then you shouldn’t have any problems with transitioning to WordPress when building your gaming website.
  • It is mobile friendly – Because around 70% of the worlds’ population owns a mobile phone, you can understand why being mobile-friendly is a must in gaining visitors and popularity, as a gaming website
  • It is flexible – The creators made it in such a way that it’s going to allow you to install all kinds of widgets and plugins on your gaming website.

Installing WordPress

Once you find the right hosting, buy the domain name, and download WordPress, the next step is to install it on the gaming website. Let’s go through the steps that you should follow:

  • After downloading the latest version of WordPress, you will have to use FTP to upload the files straight on the webserver.
  • Now it’s time to create a database in MySQL so it can be used by WordPress
  • Now just go through the installation steps on your screen, and you should complete the WordPress installation process

Useful tip: Remember to ask your hosting friends if they can help you with installing WordPress on your gaming website. Several hosting companies have a quick installation button, and it should take only a couple of clicks.

If it just happens that you are not much of an internet geek, don’t hesitate to ask the help of a professional programmer. You need extensive knowledge about what is a gaming website builder.

 It can prove to be useful in the installation process, as you might bump into some difficulties, and an expert programmer can cut in half the time needed for installation.

Choose the Best Gaming Theme

We are aware it is a matter of personal preferences for every one of you. Still, we feel the need to lay out some of the key factors that you should look for when choosing the gaming theme for your gaming website:

  • Gaming communities – search for a theme that allows gamers to be connected, through your gaming website
  • Establish clans – every gamer strives to be a part of the best clan on the server, especially if it’s a popular game like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike or Defense Of The Ancients (Dota)
  •  Full Control – look for themes that allow you to have complete control over the gaming website
  • SEO ready – SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization. It consists of multiple series of algorithms, data, and strategies that are meant to help your gaming website receive more traffic by appearing on the first page of Google.
  • Translate ready – be on the lookout for a gaming website theme that can support several languages. You can unite gamers from around the globe in an easy manner. Especially one that has a wide array of letters and symbols, so everyone can type in their own language.
  • Support forum – The ideal scenario would be one in which your users and yourself can help each other in case there are troubles in the games. A forum has always been a great environment for a gaming website, where anyone can ask for tips or give advice to others. Sharing is caring.
  • Cross-browser compatible – This is a feature that will allow your gaming website to be accessed from all browsers, no matter if the browser is mobile or desktop.
  • Fully responsive design – It is needed for making sure that your gaming website can be displayed on all types of screens, such as laptops, desktop PC, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Rating system – your gaming website should allow and encourage the players to rate, like, or share your platform on their social media pages, therefore increasing your popularity. By doing this, you enable the gamers to comments and share their thoughts about your articles.

Useful tip: You shouldn’t worry about the content of your gaming website when you decide to change the theme. Changing the theme will not erase your content, no matter what gaming website templates you use. You can change it whenever you feel the need to, without risking to damage the content.

Building Your SEO Optimized Gaming Website

It happens that you own an optic gaming website or any other kind. Then being on the first page of Google must be among your top priorities, assuming you want it to become popular. Of course, there are other methods as well, but the SEO rating is one of the most important nowadays.

 We are aware the WordPress is a solid platform for SEO already, and it gained a lot of trust and popularity over the years. Still, there are always additional ways to improve your gaming website.

 There are several plugins on the market, such as “SEO by Yoast.” It can help your gaming website’s content get better in front of major search engines such as Google or Bing.

 These plugins will ask you to pick a relevant keyword that you think is suitable for your article. Then they will analyze how many occurrences of that word are in your article.

 At the end of the analyzing process, the plugin will tell you if your SEO rate is excellent, good, or poor.


Building your gaming website will give a sense of accomplishment and independence, as not many can boast about such an achievement. It is a long process of research and strategy development that will be worth in need, we believe. What kind of difficulties did you go through when you set up the theme for your gaming website? What are some other pieces of advice that you would give to first-time enthusiasts that are going into their first adventure of building a gaming website?

Thomas Glare is a program developer that recently discovered his passion for creating content, and managed to combine these two skills into one job here in our office. Thomas is a fan of cooking and always trying new recipes from western countries, as he is amazed by how different the food is across the globe.