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How To Learn Android Development very fast?



Android is an open source platform that has numerous outstanding benefits from a business perspective. It has no expensive licensing fees and is the best platform for all those organizations which are new in the mobile sector. In addition to this, it also provides versatility with easy customization options which simplify the way of creation of Apps with diverse functionalities. To learn android development, you should have some hands-on experience with the programming languages like C, C++ or Java. Android apps are coded and written using the Java programming language. So it will be helpful to have experience and basic knowledge of Java programming before entering in to android enterprise. Here are the points that explain how to start to learn android development.  

Learn Java:

Java is the language that plays the key role in the Android Development. You will get all the answers to your queries in java on StackOverflow. You don’t need to become a pro in it but have a basic understanding about the syntax and you learn will along the way

Learn by practicing:

Start with a simple project and understand the concepts by working on that project. There are various Android Developers websites where you can get several beginners project. You can also research and detect some issues that can be solved by an Android app and then try to solve the problem in your local community.

Insights of Databases:

The primary database of Android is SQLite which is very easy to learn. Practice on some real database problem that you have.

Join communities:

The best way to learn anything is helping and get helped by others. You can join the Android Community on Stackoverflow or Facebook. Help others to solve their problems that you can help with.

Play around:

You can go for various libraries and the most important thing is don’t get overawed by the complexity. You have to face it all along the way and don’t get frustrated by the failure or bugs. Keep learning the new things coming the way.

Last but not least:

Have trust in yourself that you can actually learn Android development. And always remember that there are no shortcuts. Just work hard and you’ll sure have a kickstart on your journey as an Android Developer.

The best way to learn Android development is, to begin with making the app by your own as soon as possible and following android development tutorial by Udacity and Google videos. Try to build simple apps in starting like Widgets and UI layouts. Learn the basic components of android and make use of all in-app. Try to build the code as simple as possible that shows and make use of all in apps. Try to add features and build an app which incorporates all basic functionalities that you might need frequently to use as a professional app developer. But before going to create an Android app, you must be familiar with the basic concepts of Android development:


In an Android App, an activity refers to a screen with which users can interact. Multiple screens mean multiple activities as it does not start within the same manner for every user. To understand more about activities in Android, you can visit Android Developers.


A fragment is a sub-activity which has its own lifecycle, receives its own input events, and has its own layout.

Content Providers:

It helps to access the central repository of data, which infers that it enables you to centralize content in one place. It is used to share data between applications


Context acts as the assistant of an Android application which helps in the newly created objects understand the on-going events in an Android application. Context is an extremely important concept in Android.

Broadcast Receivers:

There are various events like incoming call, low battery, incoming text, WIFI connection can occur in Android device. To access these events, you will require a mechanism. This mechanism is known as broadcast receiver and events are called as intents.

Back Stack:

When various activities are collected and perform together to do a job is called a task.  These activities are arranged in an order, this order is called back stack.

Recycler View:  

RecyclerView helps apps in creating a limited number of objects and as you scroll down, the contacts at the top go out of the screen and are put back down with new data in them.

Android Support Library:

It is a standard library with a set of codes that provide Android framework APIs and features. These libraries provide offer a wide range of classes for building apps.

Android Views:

A view is accountable for event handling in Android. The view class includes all GUI components and the view objects are called widgets. A view has a special classification called a View Group which contains other views.

There are a lot of resources available on the internet that can help you learn the Android development quickly, even if you are a beginner or new to programming. Whether you want to learn app development for fun or want to add it to your collection of skills, these following resources would be an excellent starting point. These resources will help you to gain in depth knowledge about Android development and build better Android apps.

Developer Android

It contains all the required documentation for you and there is also a training part that will teach you the basic and advanced concept of android programming


It is a site based on subscription with a collection of lessons and tutorials that will guide you through Android application development


Coursera classes comprise of recorded lectures, tests, interactive knowledge checks, and quizzes. Learner will get a training completion certificate at the end of the course.


It is one of the best resources to learn android programming for beginners to intermediate programmers.