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How to Increase Your Endurance: Keep on Keeping on



Have you found yourself tiring quickly, or not being able to finish a workout more times than you can count? Chances are that you lack the stamina. Your endurance needs to be worked on. But where exactly should you start? Which workout regimes or sports cover that? Well, we’re here to reveal a few useful advice that actually won’t cost you that much trouble. And they’re all fairly simple.

Strength training

While cardio and HIIT training is good to get your heart pumping and burn calories, you should also start incorporating more strength training. As a rule, it will affect your endurance and stamina. Simply doing 60 – 90 minutes of strength training a week should be enough. When training to improve endurance, it’s imperative to vary up your workouts as much as you can. And building up your strength will help later on, when you need that final push during a challenge, regardless of the sport.

Longer, but steadier workouts

Take running, for example. Sprinting tires you out fairly quickly, and you find yourself decreasing running speed to a mere walk by the end. Or you push on, exhausting yourself, which does more harm than good to your muscles. While running at a slower speed for forty minutes will level up your overall endurance. This can be done with all other exercises – slowing down the pace while withstanding longer periods of said activity generally contribute to better stamina and endurance.

Change your diet from the ground up

If possible, go to a nutritionist to see which types of food are best suited for you. When incorporated into the assessment, your height, weight, level of activity and even blood type basically create a cheat-sheet on which foods will work best for you. This eliminates the long trial-and-error process with switching up your diet every once in a while. Building up your stamina means you can’t afford consuming foods that will deplete your energy levels, as it greatly affects how long you last in a workout.

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Use music

You know how some people say they need music to be able to run or cycle longer? Well, there is some truth in that. Music not only helps distract the mind from how taxing a workout is, it also keeps your spirits high, allowing for a boost of motivation. If you go online, you’ll see that there are even different playlists for different types of activities. If you haven’t already, try out the method, or switch up your regular music for something more engaging. You’ll be surprised.

Cycling uphill

For those who’re already cycling regularly, this is the icing on the cake. Adding an uphill part of the route will actually add some endurance training to your usual cycling workout. And those who don’t get on their bikes often should give it a go, as there are numerous benefits aside from building endurance. If you think you’re not as well equipped, you can browse online through various informative bike reviews for the best upgrade to your current bike. Also, try typing ‘well-equipped bicycle stores near me’ into your search engine, more often than not, bike experts working there can help you with all of your problems. Moving your bike up a slope requires more strength, stamina and focus than walking uphill. While it is a taxing endurance workout, it’s still one of the best out there.

Work on your weaknesses

As mentioned before, the key to developing your endurance is to vary your workouts. Far too many people find a fitness niche and stick to it. All the while they forget that actually branching out the scope of your workouts can help you master the niche you’re in. Runners need strength training, weightlifters do need cardio, and so on. Our advice is to see into strength training first, and then yoga, or other lighter (but just as demanding) training sessions. Find out what your weakest physical achievements are and work on improving them, as they will work into building your overall endurance.

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Eliminate junk food

A fairly obvious point in our argument, junk food needs to be eliminated for your diet. Or at least heavily underrepresented. They cause a spike in sugar levels and cholesterol, which results in fatigue. It massively depletes your energy levels, causing you to tire much faster. As a result, your stamina suffers, and you’ll be grossly dissatisfied with your endurance, most likely blaming it on yourself and not the food you eat. Cheat days are fine, but make sure they’re few and far in-between, and that they overlap with a low-intensity workout day. Eat organic, clean food, and always, always read the labels on the packaging.


Endurance is built by investing your time in your overall body fitness. It’s pushing your body to its stamina limits, seeing how far you can go with a certain tempo. This means you need to learn control, not exerting yourself and being patient. Today, we’ve covered three important aspects – upgrading your regular regime to train endurance, controlling your diet, and switching up for a new type of workout. Which one you choose is completely to your preferences. We say go for all three for the best results, but in the end, your body – your decisions. Find out which suits you best and keep on keeping on!

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