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How To Increase The Life Of Your Vacuum Pump?



It is important to maintain the pump properly to maximize the returns from it. It is recommended to the buyers to institute regular Vacuum Pump Servicing to ensure a healthy life of the pump. During the normal life of a pump, it tends to provide the best service without any unexpected failures or breakdowns. As it starts growing in age, it requires regular servicing so that it can work in an uninterrupted manner.

It can be said that, if the pump is carefully maintained with timely servicing, it can provide a long lasting and reliable service. However, apart from regular servicing, in order to keep your pump in a good health, considering a few more factors are also important.

Keeping The Related Documents Handy And Organized

The job of maintaining the pump starts with generating a proper checklist. When a pump is manufactured, a proper detailed operating manual is also prepared related to its working and other information, which is provided to the buyers.

Along with the manual, a log is also provided, which helps in keeping a note about the details related to the regular maintenance and servicing, the repairs, and the replacement of the parts. This particular maintenance log plays a vital role in helping the user to diagnose any problem related to the pump. It also provides dates according to which a new servicing date can be scheduled. The user can also stock various spare parts on the basis of the context of prior alterations and replacements.

It is recommended to the users to keep a note of the number of operating hours for which the pump serves uninterruptedly without any service. The time period for which the pump serves will help you to gain a general outlook about the capacity of the pump based on which you can schedule the date of next servicing. The information collected in the maintenance log proves to be helpful in order to schedule timely maintenance and vacuum pump servicing.

It is also suggested to keep a note of the furnace capacity of the pump too. In case, any major ups or downs are recorded, it should be reported to the professional immediately who comes in for the next session of servicing.

Ensuring Regular Inspection and Oiling The Pump

For the type of pumps, which work in wet conditions, it is important to inspect them regularly. It will help to avoid situations of oil contamination, which is the prime reason for the breakdown of these kinds of pumps. Regular working causes oxidization and contamination due to vapors, which leads to improper lubricity.

Moreover, the oil gets contaminated easily due to the presence of moisture. So, it is recommended that the pumps should be checked on a regular basis and vacuum pump servicing should be undertaken to manage the health of the machine. The easiest signs to understand that the pump requires service are:

  • A dark appearance of accumulation of particulate matter
  • The pump getting unable to reach its highest amount of vacuum even with inlets closed
  • A white appearance indicating the presence of water or moisture

Checking Situations of Oil Leakage

In certain kinds of pumps, a huge amount of oil accumulates around the pump. This may be caused due to the normal working of the pump under the influence of gas loads. Make sure that you undertake proper inspection on a daily basis and call for a Vacuum Pump Servicing, in case you fathom any disruptions coming up.

All these processes are required to undertake in order to maintain the pump and avoid the situation of breaking down of the pump. Vacuum Pump Servicing should be carried on at the correct interval of time.

Apart from that, you can also try for stocking spare parts with context to prior replacements so that you can avoid situations of a complete breakdown of your machine. It is because these days in order to repair a machine huge time gets lost due to lack of spare parts. Apart from that, checking the ball bearing and other spare parts is also recommended.

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