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How to Get Car Loans with Bad Credit No Money Down



It is very common that most of the car loan lenders will ask make some down payments whenever a person applies online for car loans with bad credit score. But still; there are some financial lenders that will finance loans for bad credit car loans no money down.

Could the motivation for the dealer and lender to collect the down payment up front be to lower the risk of bad credit auto loans (if the borrower never makes a payment, or stops making their monthly payments after a while) or is it simply that the dealership or lender would like to make a little extra profit up front? The answer is actually a little of each.

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Car buyers trying to apply for a bad credit auto loan often feel that they have to obtain their auto financing from the automobile dealership for the car loan due to their credit score or due to past credit issues. The mistake that those with bad credit often make is that they never even check with their bank or other local banks before making the choice to obtain financing through the automobile dealership. Due to this simple oversight the principal of the loan increases because of inflated finance charges and transaction fees that are added by the dealer or auto lender.

It’s pretty much a given that car dealers will raise the final price of the car or truck above invoice price (what they pay the factory or what they pay when they buy a used car from a previous owner). However, if you apply for car loans with bad credit no money down, the dealership will very often raise the interest rate several percentage points. Basically, your monthly payment could go up by, for instance, the amount you spend on gas every month if you finance a bad credit car loan with no money down through a dealer.

You can get a guaranteed approval with no money down bad credit car loanoutside of the dealership. Make sure you try this before you go out for serious car shopping. You need to know how much money you are approved for the no money down auto loans. That way you and the dealer both know you have secured a loan and have a set amount to spend.

However, if you are able to scrape up even a minimal down payment, you could save a considerable amount of money. Many dealerships will accept a down payment as little as $199 or less. Many times dealerships will run specials where they will accept a lower down payment. When you are negotiating the terms of your bad credit car loan is the time that your future monthly payment will be decided. Therefore it’s urgent that you don’t just jump into a loan that you won’t be able to afford, that will just lead to the repossession of the car that you need. If you are able, to get a lower monthly payment by making even a tiny down payment, it would serve you well to do so.

It is possible to buy a car with bad credit and no money down, even in today’s post-recession environment. In the past, if you needed a bad credit auto loans to buy a new or used vehicle, you almost need had to put down a sizeable down payment in order to qualify for auto finance online.

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