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How to explore Kuwait in one month time?



Kuwait is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Anyone who goes there at least once always wants to go back to the traditional, yet modern country. There is a reason for that. Kuwait has so many places to visit and see, and those places you will remember as long as you live. Such beauty is not easy to forget. The question is, how to explore Kuwait in just one month time? It seems impossible to explore Kuwait in one month, but if you make priorities on what you want to visit, then, it can be done. Depending on your family situation, there will be lots of thing in Kuwait to explore. The Internet is always a great source of information about life in Kuwait, so make sure to get informed. If you keep reading, you’ll find which places not to miss seeing while in Kuwait. If you have only one month there, use that time wisely, because visiting Kuwait even only for one month, can be a life-altering experience.

What to visit first?

It is not easy to decide what to visit first in Kuwait. A suggestion would be to visit the Grand Mosque first. Here you can learn and hear so much about the religion in Kuwait, and based on what you have learned in Grand Mosque, you can continue with visiting other places with more knowledge of Kuwait’s people. Therefore, it should be easier to enjoy the next places that you will visit. Visiting Grand Mosque doesn’t cost anything, you just need to schedule a visit the day before. Also, one fun fact is that, since the weather in Kuwait is pretty warm, once you enter Grand Mosque, you will feel a bit refreshed, since inside is around ten degrees less than outside. This is one suggestion on what to visit first, of course, it is up to you to decide.

Al Kout Beach

Al Kout Beach is such a lovely place to visit with your family or friends. If something has a beach in its name it cannot be bad. This venue is definitely a place that you should go to, to rest and enjoy a sunset in some of the great restaurants with lovely service. Here you can try some of Kuwait’s specialties like:

  • Great seafood dishes including so many different sorts of fish to choose from
  • Machboos (this is a dish that Kuwait is famous for, and you just have to try it, it contains rice, chicken, fish or lamb – by your preference, amongst other ingredients’)
  • Iranian khubuz (Iranian khubuz is bred for which Kuwait is famous for, it usually has some sesame seeds on the top. It is delicious, and you can eat it with all sorts of sauces.

These are only a few of the dishes that Kuwait is famous for. There are a lot more, and in one month time you cannot try it all, but if you are staying in Kuwait for good, then there is your chance to try every meal from their delicious cuisine. Either way, whatever you decide to try, you can find a great choice of food in Al Kout Beach. Not only food, but there is a lovely atmosphere and music when the night falls.

Did someone say shopping?

When you are in Kuwait, you will probably want to buy something, whether is clothes or shoes you should visit The Avenues Mall. Here you can find all of the worlds famous brands. Even if you do not have a lot of money on you, there are shops where the prices are not high at all, and you can definitely find something for yourself, your kids, or your significant other. However, what is really interesting about this mall is that people are using it more for other things rather than shopping. Sometimes it gets so warm outside that if you enter the mall you will feel a huge relief. In the mall, you can spend your day in a very good mood. You can eat, walk, go to a movie and enjoy the cooler air inside the mall. It can be a day well spend even though you are in the mall. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy some souvenirs, the mall is not a place for that. You can find great souvenirs in other places in Kuwait.

Kuwait Towers

When in Kuwait, visiting Kuwait Towers is a must. If you visit Kuwait and not go to Kuwait Towers it will be a great loss for you. Because you will lose a huge and beautiful experience. You will definitely notice them. They are 187cm tall. However, you shouldn’t look at them from a far away. You should definitely go there, and maybe check out a restaurant in one of the towers. You can have a lunch while looking over Kuwait, sounds great, right? Let’s mention a great fact about Kuwait Towers that may appeal you to them even more. There are annual festivals of chocolate and ice creams in the Kuwait Towers. So, there you go, by visiting beautiful architectural constructions you can enjoy not only the most beautiful sights but also great food and drinks.

When moving to KW from another continent you should get familiar with the customs of the people of Kuwait. You don’t have to visit everything in one month time of course. However, it can happen that by moving to Kuwait and staying there, you won’t go to see these beautiful places due to your busy life, or similar. At the end of the day, a tourist will explore more than you, that you live there. Do not let that happen. Even when you are moving to Kuwait for work, always find time to enjoy it. It is a beautiful country. If you are going as a tourist do the effort, and try to visit as much as possible, you won’t regret it. Either way, enjoy your beautiful time in Kuwait.


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