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How To Enjoy The City Of Split In Croatia



Croatia is known as a country of contrasts and a land of diversity. The sparkling beaches fade into the greenery of the sprawling forests and the relics from the glorious chapters of history adorn the magical landscape. The country has managed to preserve its natural and cultural gems in the face of urbanization and this fusion of the old and the new can be best witnessed in the city of Split. This enchanting city is the perfect balance of a modern metropolis, a historical site, and a natural retreat. Here are some of the most striking attractions of Split that will enthrall every tourist.

Wonder The Diocletian’s Palace

Nestled along the harbor of Split is a shining monument constructed using the purest limestone and marble that have remained untarnished over the centuries. The Diocletian’s Palace was once a royal residence and a fortified town combined in one. In the present day, residential complexes, as well as shops and restaurants, stand against the tapestry of ancient architecture. This blend of the elements of a modern lifestyle with relics from the past is extremely unique and an ideal representation of Croatia’s multi-faceted culture.

Climb On The Marjan Hill

Just a stone’s throw from the main town area is the Marjan Hill, the perfect spot for enjoying some pristine forest air. The densely vegetated slopes of this hill are home to parks where you can settle down for a picnic in the afternoon. You can also cycle or hike up to the summit for a magnificent view of Split and the adjoining Adriatic Sea. If you are in the mood to explore then you can look for hidden churches that are carved into the rocks of the hill. It is fascinating that such a beautiful and peaceful spot exists so close to the bustling city.

Have Fun At The Local Beaches

One of the most popular beaches of Split is the Bacvice Beach, owing to its vibrant nightlife and the waters that are perfect for swimming. The beaches on the foot of the Marjan Hill are more secluded and ideal for those who wish to enjoy the music of the waves. The Ovcice Beach has a playground for children while the Firule Beach is yet another family-friendly beach. One must also visit the Znjan Beach which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times, and if you are traveling with your four-legged friend then the beach in Duilovo is open for dogs as well.

Ave The Fortress of Klis

Adding to the majesty of Split is the Fortress of Klis, located in the neighboring village of the same name. This magnificent fortress looms over the landscape from its elevated position atop a cliff and is one of the most valuable surviving examples of defensive architecture in the region. It is so well integrated into the rock that it is hard to identify it as a monument from afar. The fortress is surrounded by three lines of defense and there are several towers spread across the cliff. Inside the castle, you can view ancient armors and weapons from the medieval times. Since the fortress is located outside of the city, you’ll have to use Split taxi services to get there.

These are some of the diverse and intriguing attractions of the city of Split that you must not miss out on during your next visit. Including these items in your itinerary will allow you to revel in the carefree coastal culture of the region while enjoying its architectural magnificence and natural splendor to the fullest!


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