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How to Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity



Office design plays a crucial role when it comes to employees’ productivity and satisfaction. Incorporating different design elements and creative solutions will help you create a workplace where your employees will love to work.  

Find the best layout

Although the modern office is typically characterised by the open floor layout, you should take some time to create an office plan that will work for your employees. The open floor plan certainly has its benefits, including improved communication, connectedness, enhanced teamwork, etc. However, some argue that the open floor plan can hinder productivity because it increases noise and keeps employees distracted. Thus, you should find a layout that will enable your employees to work without too many distractions while still being able to collaborate with their colleagues easily. If you want to go with the open layout, you can always find a balance by designing some areas for private work.

Use colours to motivate

The psychology of colours is a widely known factor that affects employees’ state of mind and ability to work. Implementing the right colours will enable you to evoke certain emotions in your employees, motivating them to work. For instance, blue is one of the most popular choices because it promotes productivity and relaxation among employees. Green is a great option if you want to spark your employees’ creative thinking while also filling your office with a sense of balance. However, keep in mind that using a certain colour excessively may also have negative effects, so you should always introduce pops of other hues for energy and inspirations, such as orange or red.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors that affect productivity in the office. Dim lighting can reduce employees’ ability to focus and cause headaches and drowsiness, while harsh, fluorescent lighting can cause eyestrain and migraines. Natural lighting is the perfect one for office productivity as it has positive effects on mood and health, promoting the well-being of your employees. However, since artificial lighting is also a must, you should consider going with LED lights. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also emit a glow similar to natural light. Of course, electrical installations should be left to the pros, so you should find an electrician who can meet your needs. For instance, experienced Sydney electrician teams specialise in light installation and wiring, among other things, and also provide emergency services. Thus, you should find an expert who can respond and perform their job quickly and properly with minimal disruptions to your work environment.

Design relaxation areas

The modern office has become a more comfortable and inspiring work environment. It provides employees with a stimulating space where they can communicate freely and work together to find creative solutions. However, the modern office design also provides employees with fully equipped kitchens, relaxation rooms, game areas and numerous homey comforts. Such a varied design enables employees to relieve stress and recharge their batteries, enhancing their work efficiency. Providing your employees with casual relaxation spaces where they can take a break and simply unwind will boost their mood and productivity.

Inspire with artwork

A workplace without character can seem boring and uninspiring, which may affect employees’ state of mind and efficiency. It’s important that you use office décor to inspire and energise your workers. And artwork is always the perfect solution, providing you with an opportunity to bring in colours, calming scenery or inspirational themes. You can use your company’s brand as inspiration, paint motivational quotes on the walls or even let your employees bring their own favourite artwork. If your office lacks a view, you can surround your employees with paintings portraying beautiful landscapes.

Decorate with greenery

Plants have been shown to have a positive effect on workplace productivity and employees’ satisfaction. Not only does greenery bring the vibrant green hue, but it also purifies indoor air, creating a more pleasant work environment. It can also liven up your office, make it seem more positive and open, which will also reflect on your employees’ feelings of comfort and satisfaction in the office. You have a range of different options when it comes to introducing plants to your workplace, from tiny plants and succulent terrariums to lush green walls.

The key to designing a stimulating office that will boost productivity lies in combining different design elements and finding the solutions that work for you and your employees.