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How To Defrag A Hard Drive In Windows PC




With time, all the files saved up in your computer get divided into fragments. As we make changes to the files, it gets stored in a different area on the hard drive. This results in slowing down the computer as it moves to several locations where the data is stored. Now, this is a problem which can make you look for a quick solution. In the article, we will tell you how to defrag a hard drive in Windows PC.

Some might not know that Windows has an inbuilt tool to defrag the hard drive. You can locate it on your system as Disk Defragmenter, it can defrag the various disks, portable hard drives.

Let’s get to the working of how to use it to defrag a hard drive in Windows PC. Go to Start Menu and search for Disk Defrag, you will see it under the name ‘Defragment and Optimize’. Now open it, and you will see the status of the several disks in your system along with any connected drives.

Select the drive you want to defrag first and click on Analyse. It will provide you with a report for whether you need to defrag the drive or not.

If it shows you the results as more than 10%. You must defrag it.

For doing so, you now select the drive and click on Optimize.

Note: You need to be running the Admin user account to perform the task. It requires you to type the password right before the process begins.

It is a simple process which can be set on Automatic in Settings. You can change it to Scheduled Optimization and the status will show it as On.

Now we move to the third party defrag tools as they provide advanced features. It is seen as the users rely on commercial products because they are more efficient in this work. We are listing below some of the defrag tools which are considered to be very helpful.

The requirements decide which defrag tools will be best for you-

  • Minimize boot time
  • Reduce thrashing
  • Consolidate free space.


SmartDefrag is one of the fastest tools to complete the process in Windows PC. It is a very efficient way to find out what is taking up more space in your system. Its enhanced engine makes it work quickly for your computer hard drive. Once you download it, it can clean your computer first, just so your disk defrag process runs smoothly.

After the use, you can experience faster access to data and play games easily. The interruption or being stuck on a screen for long cause it takes time to process will no longer be a problem. You can also apply exclusions to the defrag process, which will only include certain parts.

Something which is appreciable is that it will not waste your time and run the process fast. You can leave the defragmentation process on schedule so don’t have to remind yourself.

Puran Defrag

Puran Defrag is capable to defrag multiple hard drives when the computer is idle. It has options which will just defrag free space for your computer. It is available for the Windows version from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Another thing which is handy is the Schedule option, which will set the priority for the defragging of certain files. The small size of the software makes it even likeable for download. Along with other files, it will delete the temporary files for Windows.

You can exclude files to defrag by size in the additional settings. Getting the defrag tool will help you boost your computer’s performance.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro 

You can get the tool to defrag the hard drive in a smart way, Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro comes with advanced features. It has a boot time defrag which will not only save your time but efficiently cleans files on the drive. Free space consolidation with it gives you the option to merge the free space into one space. It will let you exclude certain files which you choose not to defrag.

It will help you to defrag a single file or folder. This also provides with performance charts for you to understand the issue.

Disk SpeedUp

Disk SpeedUp is a very helpful tool for Windows which will safely defrag your hard drive. The best feature of this tool will be that it takes less space to install. Another highlight is that will not overwrite the old data before checking the new data. Therefore, the process can be put to halt without the worry of losing data. Disk Speedup comes with a built-in Disk doctor for the system to health in check. You can get reports for the disk drives about the wear and tear over time.

When you plan to get a defrag tool for your computer, it’s space is almost full and then Disk speedup can come to the rescue. As it needs minimal space to perform the defragmentation.

To conclude

We have already laid emphasis on why you need to defrag the drive in Windows PC. For the same reasons to speed up your system, you need to keep performing the process. You can either choose to do so with the inbuilt program of Windows or get a tool from the list.