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How to create a dating app and become the next Bumble




In today’s world, people have grown so busier in a daily schedule that they have almost lost the time for maintaining a personal life. Dating apps have been introduced to fill up this gap and add a personal touch to life between hectic schedules. Dating apps have been extremely friendly in finding the correct person for you with its exquisite and customized features that filter out your match. It has been proved that dating apps are very proficient in finding the perfect match for anyone. 

Though there are innumerous dating apps listed in the play store yet all of them are not that successful like Bumble. Bumble is one of the dating apps that is quite popular with its unique features and attributes that lets you determine your perfect soul mate.

Though dating apps are quite controversial yet it has turned out to be a productive and remunerative business. The earnings of dating apps like this are quite higher and have become one of the major sources of income of the virtual world. But there are certain features you need to maintain if you want to find gainful dating app development company who can design a dating app that will be next Bumble and will be high yielding as well as the talk of the town.

Customizing Features:

The app must be user-friendly as well as adapting. It should have distinctive and quirky features that can allure users to engage in the virtual world of the dating app. Users should have a variety of options to list their preferences and qualities. The dating app development company should input some of the prominent features like 

  • Photo Viewing
  • Video Chatting
  • Match Making
  • Social Media Connect
  • Gift Sending Options
  • Push Notification
  • Location Targeting

Voguish Look:

Dating App Development is not that unchallenging as it seems. It is said that appearance is the priority of the virtual world, therefore you need to develop such an interface that has a beguiling and charismatic look. The color chosen for your app should be eye-catching yet graceful. Such a striking interface will engage users in browsing through the app and discover options that precisely suit their needs.

Payment Options

Payment options by the dating app should be flexible enough for anyone using it. This pliable paying feature lets in more users because it becomes much more convenient for them to use it. The payment process, as well as in-app purchases, should be intangible. A good dating app development company will enable wallets or accounts like Paytm, Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

Platform Friendly

The platform is a very crucial entity for any app. The dating app development company must design and program such an app that will be accessible to any platform be it an android or iOS. Users having any of these platforms should not face any complexity while downloading it from the play store.

Data Security and Encryption

This is one of the foremost and cardinal features that is highly demanded among users. We all want our data and information to be secured and safeguarded from being tampered or misused, so you must provide safe hands to your customers so that they are convinced enough to use the app without any uncertainty or hesitation. Texting or sending pictures through chats are a buzz now, hence, you have to keep in mind that you need to provide such a shield of protection that users do not feel any threat before sharing anything personal with their match.

Proper Database and Identification

Your app must be proficient enough to store huge databases of users with their proper identification and entity. Any fraudulent activity should not be welcomed in the app. You must mandate few input options in the app like Name, Age, Gender, Location, Interest, Original Photo, Identity Proofs, without which the user will not be able to create an account. This will prevent fake accounts to be created and will create more loyalty in users and will push them to refer it to their friends and relatives. You can enable checkpoints like pictures and identifying documents that have to be uploaded while creating a document.

Marketing and Advertising

We all know that marketing is indeed a very special and prime requirement of every business that demands to be lucrative. Before you launch your app, you can advertise your app on social media or on YouTube using the help of commercial videos having an interesting storyline. This is going to create an effect and impression on users, hence, they will be captivated to explore the new launching dating app.

Messaging/Texting Feature

In today’s world, messages are like the spice of social media or a dating app. While everyone is busy enough to not being able to converse over a phone call, what relieves them is the messaging feature. Therefore you need a develop an interesting chatbox with voguish features through which the couple is going to have a heart-to-heart talk. Smart and trendsetting features of chats like smileys, GIFs add more life to a chat because they aid in adding more emotion and sensation in a chat between two hearts who are going to be in love. The excitement and anticipation of chatting and texting with the opposite person can not even match a telephonic conversation.

Swipe Feature

Swiping right or swiping left is a new criterion in dating apps. Choosing a match with just a swipe makes it much more facile and effortless. This new swipe-able interface of dating apps has become quite notable and famed and almost every dating app provides this hassle-free option for their users to be more time-saving and elementary.

Thus, dating apps have been a total buzz in the current market scenario in terms of revenue income. It yields a high amount of profit because it is only a dating app where one would not think twice or take a step back before investing money or buying a gift to their loved one. So, dating app development is indeed a money-making idea for investors who are looking for a fruitful business. With following the above checklist and criteria, you can be the next Bumble and be the grist for the gossip mill.







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