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How to claim compensation regarding slip and trip falls



As per the UK statistics majority of slips or falls happen on the same level or occur from heights. Mostly witnessed that major injuries caused due to falls are from elevation, roofs, ladders, jumping without proper precautions, stairs, running or rushing in a busy surrounding etc. As recommended that working on high elevation and roofs or ceilings that requires safety harnesses and other precautionary majors should be observed at all cost. If proper precautions are taken while working, this would save one’s life form accident or serious injury that can be long lasting and lead to major health issues.

Slips Causes

Common causes of slips are wet or oily surface, spills on floor, unanchored rugs or mats, broken flooring or tiles, uneven flooring or walk area and above all too less friction between the walking space and foot wear are general cause of slips.

Trips Causes

Mostly seen when our foot collides or hits some object or strikes unevenly and we can’t keep balance we tend to fall. The common cause of this loss of balance or trip are; uncovered cables, open wiring on floor, uneven surface, poor lighting, clutter on the way, wrinkled carpeting and obstructed view etc. Moreover these days common above all is the unhealthy habit of talking on phone whilst walking and we face such trips or accidents.

How to prevent accidents?

Slips, trips and falls are the result of some kind of unexpected change in the area or vicinity where a person walks or is in contact between the ground surface and feet. This means it’s important that good quality of walking surface is important, especially in busy locations such as railways stations and bus stops, malls and pavements. Beside selection of proper footwear is also very important. Sometimes these slips and trips leads to major health issues and leads to heavy medical expenses.

Therefore good housekeeping is very essential in all areas of heavy foot falls to avoid such falls. Negligence in maintaining the surface or ground that gets contact with the feet may result in slips, trips and injuries; likely fractures.

If you have come across any such fatal accident that is due to slip, trip or fall in a public place and it wasn’t your fault always contact your solicitor like national accident support line for advice.

Important safety measures in busy areas

Maintenance is the most important above all which includes;

  • removing obstacles from paths and walkways
  • marking spills
  • wet areas caution and indication
  • immediate cleaning off spills
  • mopping debris from paths
  • constant sweeping to keep area free of clutter
  • Proper placement off mats and carpets
  • In office make sure file cabinet are properly closed.
  • Proper lighting on walk ways
  • On time replacement of used light bulbs
  • Proper installation, replacing and recoating of tiles and flooring surface
  • Modifying the walking surface with modern technology and resilient flooring material, like metal or synthetic decking can reduce the risk of slips.

Footwear in Critical areas

In workplaces, factories or industrial environment where floors may be found wet or oily and workers are constantly moving from one place to another, in such areas special care is needed to prevent fatal accidents or falls that might cause injuries. The management should provide proper safety kit along with appropriate foot wear for their workers. Their health safety and security should be the primary concern of the department. Wet floor are dangerous of any kind and workers life is at risk. Since there are no special fit shoes to avoid slips other than rubber boots which also sometimes doesn’t work in certain conditions, in such conditions management should take all proper measures for employees safety. However, proper customized rubber fitting foot wears (specially designed as per environment) does prevents such fatigue and increases safety for employees.