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How to choose right restaurant kitchen equipments



restaurant kitchen equipments

Choosing right Restaurant Kitchenware equipments for your restaurant is essential whether you are opening a new restaurant or reconstructing the old one. Your kitchen equipment list should include all important equipments that are needed to carry day to day activities in the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, investing money in buying kitchen investments for your restaurant is the biggest investment for business. Therefore, you need to make a list in advance as what to buy and what not to buy. You can prepare list according to priority and need. As few types of equipment cannot be avoided for a restaurant, but you may skip them for sometime.

Let’s check out the list of essential kitchen equipments that every restaurant needs. To understand, we have divided the list into five major categories-

Refrigeration Equipments

Refrigerating food items is the foremost step required to keep food fresh before cooking. In a restaurant business, you need to keep buffer stock always as you cannot predict exact consumption of food items. In order to keep food fresh and prevents food from spoiling, you need good refrigeration equipments. There are many types of equipment available, but essential ones include a commercial refrigerator, freezer, beverage dispensers, and ice machine. Refrigerators and freezers are available in different sizes, shapes, and features. You can choose according to your needs, what suits best for your business. Ice machines are used to serve beverages and can be used to make smoothies and drinks too. Beverage dispensers are useful if you have self-service for beverages.

Cooking Equipments

Restaurant Kitchenware is incomplete without having top class cooking equipments. Cooking and serving tempting food is the main motive of every restaurant. Restaurants are known for its delicious food items. Every successful restaurant is known for its signature dish. And for creating those signature dishes, you need good cooking equipments as well along with the good chef. List of essential cooking equipment includes Oven, commercial grill, range, microwave, toaster, deep fryer and broiler. For baking and roasting, you need oven. For heating and reheating, microwave is best. A commercial grill is essential for making grilled sandwiches, burgers or for grilling any food item. Deep fryers are good at frying French fries and other food items.

Storage Equipments

Storing food at right place plays an important role in the kitchen of your restaurant. Storage can be of dry food items or liquid items. Storing items in the correct way will keep your kitchen organized and neat and clean. For storing dry items, commercial movable shelves are best option. These shelvings can hold both all type of food items whether its dry ingredients or its liquid bottles. It can be used to store crockery as well. You can get them customized also as per your requirements. Purchase transparent food storage containers to store dry items like pasta, pulses, rice, salt, sugar, etc. You can mark them with colors or can write names on them to differentiate easily. Place your shelves and containers or racks in the kitchen carefully to prevent any kind of damage or spoilage.

Cooking Utensils

There are many types of utensils that a kitchen needs. These utensils are used to cook, prepare, bake, your dishes in the kitchen. Consider buying kitchen utensils in quantity and in different sizes. This will save time and any type of fight between staff for the same item. It should not happen that one chef is waiting for another to finish the dish as there is only one equipment available in your kitchen. Cooking utensils required for preparing and serving food include chef knives, measuring cups and spoons, cutting boards, pots, pans, graters, vegetable peelers, mixing bowls, spinners, tongs, spatulas, trays, containers and much more. You can contact restaurant crockery suppliers in your area to provide you with all the required utensils for your restaurant business.

Safety Equipments

Last but not the least, the safety of your customers and staff are equally important. As a restaurant owner, you must ensure the safety of all your employees as working in the kitchen is exciting yet it is dangerous too at the same time. A restaurant kitchen has all commercial equipments which need to be handled with care and extra cautious. To deal with any such unforeseen situation, you must have an adequate number of fire extinguishers in the kitchen premises. Gloves for both extreme hot and extreme cold temperature. Wet floor signs and boards to avoid slipping on wet floors. Aprons to prevent your body to touch any hot substance or any dangerous food chemical. First aid kit, security cameras are additional safety equipments that you can accommodate in your kitchen restaurant.