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How to Choose a Payment Gateway for the Web Page of Your Business



Using the add-ons of the gateway for WordPress payments, it ensures us to have a more stable base when processing payment orders placed through our website, with respect to the products we tend to offer through this to the online public , to facilitate the process with the client and to be able to give them an attention and comfort that makes them, to constantly resort to us for their daily purchases, and that the trust towards our services increases more and more, leaving in the best possible position in the sector of the market to which we belong.

Five features of a good payment gateway for WordPress

As usual, the payment gateways go hand in hand with the additions of the WordPress payment gateway plugins, this is due to all the compliments they have to ensure that the payment management through your website is optimal and the most appropriate time to be used by regular customers and by those who come with the intention of acquiring some of the products or services offered on your website.

We must know that there are 2 types of payment gateways, those that redirect and those that simply address as such, since a payment gateway is nothing more than a web system armed to receive payments by credit card and debit card, they must have this division of uses, in the case of the gateways that redirect, provide us with a method in which the client is sent to another page created by the provider of the payment method, so that the transaction can be processed. In the case of addressing, it will let the customer pay within your website without major problem through the codes given by the service provider.

This being the case, we have taken the trouble to choose the five most important points for you to choose the payment gateway that will achieve a smooth payment process on your website and that will make your customers what you want. thank you.

Redirecting or addressing 

With addressing or re-addressing, tends to be the most asked question at the time of acquiring these services, since the redirection gateway will send your client to another place to pay which will free you from having to shield your site with security certificates and block safe to avoid any Hack to the payments made, while the addresses give you more security in your payments but you must invest in the security of your site and in its constant operation to avoid falls in the payment methods that you provide in order to give an optimal service.

Catwalk paid or free

Many gateways give you the option to use their services with free affiliations and through plugins for your site, this usually ends up offering you an incomplete service in which rules will give you redirection and a few payment methods, which They are always paying you will give all the benefits included at the time of using it, various methods of payment and constant maintenance, but they are expensive and you should keep the payment up to date so as not to let the service go down on your website.

The charges and commissions per transaction 

It is important to always keep this point, some gateways allow you to pay with any method including AMAZON and PAYPAL, however, the charges that apply will depend on the type of card and will be monthly charges, so it is always good to consult with the provider. The payment gateway on monthly charges on each transaction we make.

Security and stability of the payment gateway provider

It is always better to hire the services of previously recommended bridges or that have outstanding opinions by those who use them, although free and attractive plans always attract attention, it is best to entrust our money and that of our clients to those who know The matter.

Choose a good programmer to maintain our payment system 

Although it seems unusual in this list, it is always necessary to have a good programmer who knows how to manage the gateways and their connection to our page, as well as the plugins that will connect us with them, so that we have an optimal payment system that works 24 / 7.