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Buying a car can be a long and exhausting process. Getting your dream car and finding out it’s a stolen vehicle can be extremely heartbreaking and costly. The surprising fact is many stolen cars were sold to unsuspecting drivers in a number of different ways and locations.

There are many people struggling financially to buy a car. They usually go for the cheapest car available in the market. While buying a car make sure that you don’t venture outside the realm of a dealership or legit used car websites, it’s easier to become a victim.  As part of responsibility, a buyer ensures that you are not buying a stolen car, you can check if the vehicle is reported in local crime databases.

Thousand of cars are stolen every year in Australia, often with the intent of turning around and selling them. If you’re in the market for a used car, then perform a vehicle check in Sydney to see if the car has been stolen. You should also call your insurance company and carefully analyze the service history and vehicle’s title. There are so many red flags that you might get while buying a stolen car which you should be aware of.

You’re not sure what REVS is

First and foremost, locate the REVS check on any car that you’re trying to buy. You are visiting the online website for REVS check in NSW to see that it’s been reported as salvaged or stolen. A number that looks like it’s been scratched or tampered with is the biggest red flag you can find.

You are asked to pay in Cash

There is a chance that while paying in cash, you might not even get things like a receipt, bank documentation or title. That’s obviously not a good sign. This also means that you don’t have proof that the car belongs to you. Always make sure that you get some sort of paperwork that legally binds the vehicle to you. A proper background check is necessary so that it can be traced back to the previous owner.

The paperwork looks fake

You’ve managed to get paperwork for your vehicle, but it appears to be printed on the back of a promo flyer for Chinese take-out. Oh no! Examine your title carefully. Check properly any discrepancies including misspelling and wrong VIN number. If you suspect the bank statements or anything is forged then reconsider pulling the trigger and sort that stuff out.

Mad sketchy seller

Get a proper background check of your seller. Your seller should have a fixed address and mobile number. Notice that you sell is not changing his or her number between correspondences. You also need to check that the emails you are sending to your seller are not re-routing to some sort of foreign server. You can also notice the way they way they are asking you question like are you a cop? Or a pretty good drug dealer? These obvious questions will give you some hints while you are buying a car, better you stop replying to that questions.

You’re buying it off Craigslist

Craigslist is a pretty much cool because of its laissez-faire environment. The fact that it’s a pretty much a one stop shop for apartments and free stuff, but it’s not a great place to buy a car. You might get lucky and meet some non-murderer who genuinely wants to get rid of a decent car, the possibility is less. Most of the time they don’t know what they are selling as all they care about is money.

In this case, you might take the help of a reliable mechanic to check things out or a cop who can quickly pick up any shady behavior.

The license plate looks fake

Make sure you check license plates are up to snuff and fully reflective. You should also notice that the design they offer is available on your state. You need to check that license plate is not expired and it is not written in any printed paper or cardboard. It is very important to have a thorough background check even if it’s coming from a corner dealership.

Too good is bad sometimes

You probably heard the urban legend about the bitter divorcees trying to get back to their exes. It is pretty much similar to with car thief who is trying to unload some hot merchandise for cheap. Your investment in the car is something that you should never get impulse to buy. Have a proper background check of your seller and car. Don’t get bug eyes for the first car you see.

The interior has a blood stain

This is the prime suspect and never ignores that, not to be mention that it’s extremely gross and unsanitary.  It’s a sign of any previous struggle or an accident. Never fall into this mess. You surely don’t want to reupholster your car right after buying it.

Drugs on the glove box

This is another prime suspect so carefully inspect the whole car while buying it.  Even if the car is stolen, this would be a definite deal-breaker. You definitely don’t want to get pulled for two months later only to have the cops find a kilo of coke stashed in between the door panel.

Be careful of car advertised online or in the newspaper

Although many genuine sales occur this way stolen vehicles are also advertised online or in newspapers. To be in a safe side it’s always better to buy your dream car with some reputable dealers or from someone you know personally.  You can also check your dealer reputation online.


Trust your instincts

If a deal seems to fair and to be true but you feel like the person is too eager to sell then walk away.  It’s your instincts that are telling you that there is a problem with this deal. It’s better to go with your instincts and walk away.