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How to better understand moving reviews?




With plenty of moving companies on the market, choosing the right one can be pretty difficult. It can be pretty challenging to understand moving reviews online. These comments serve to help, although some of them should be taken with a grain of salt. You need to have in mind that fake reviews also exist and can lead you to a very unreliable mover. But there are certain tactics and tips to help you to better understand moving reviews. Namely, you have the option of comparing reviews from several movers or to ask a retailer for some advice. In that way, you’ll know how to spot that something is odd about a certain comment or review. Here are some of the best ways to understand moving reviews.

Don’t trust the overly positive comments

When you see a review that over-praises a company, you’ll know that something is fishy. There’s no need to leave a needlessly lengthy paragraph about a certain service a moving company provides. If you’re satisfied with a company, you probably won’t write a lengthy paragraph to let everybody know. If you happen to come across some words like “impeccable” or “miraculous” know that these reviews are probably not the sincerestReviews should be realistic and concise since every company has some positive and some negative comments respectively. Furthermore, the moving process can be quite stressful and tiring for people. So, when you come across a review that describes the process as exciting or fun, know that you shouldn’t trust it.

Beware of the overly positive moving experiences

If you’re in a hurry to find a legitimate and reliable moving company, try the ones that have long-standing relationships with their customers. So, if you choose to move to the town of Saugus in the Massachusetts area, for example, search for reliable companies in that area. Premium Q Moving & Storage is definitely the company to go with when you’re trying to find professionals that can help you move to Saugus.

Fake reviews are all over the internet

Any kind of moving review that says more than needed and goes overboard to explain the experience is probably fake. Learning about a company’s background from a review that uses repetitive or uncommon language is not the best way to research the movers’ reputation. Quite the contrary, a reliable moving company won’t have over-the-top comments in the review section. But fake reviews can be overly negative as well. Some other moving company may be trying to scam the competitor and ruin their reputationOffensive language is usually the way to spot these fake comments.

Beware of frauds in those squeaky-clean moving reviews

In addition, if a moving review sounds more like a fairy tale, know that it is probably a fake one. Whenever you see unrealistic descriptions of moving experience, treat it with skepticism. Similarly, don’t worry if you don’t see a lot of reviews about a certain mover you chose. In most cases, people don’t have time to write these lengthy reviews. The genuine ones will be short and straight to the point.

So, a fake review will most commonly contain the following:

  • unnatural language
  • caps lock
  • a lot of repetition
  • detailed descriptions

Realtors can help you understand moving reviews

A realtor can help you choose the best moving company

When it comes to moving, the part where you have to choose the best moving company is oftentimes tricky. That is when you should hire a realtor. They have a lot of experience with the whole process of relocation and can help you understand moving reviews better. Realtors will protect you from moving frauds and give you tips on verifying a moving review.

Some of the best ways to verify reviews on the internet are the following:

  • check if the moving company is licensed and insured
  • find a USDOT Number on the company’s web page
  • multiple similar complaints signal a red flag

So, when moving reviews become a lot to handle and go through, retailers will know exactly how to pick a trustworthy company. They’ll tell you that it is important to check if there are any extra fees or what to do with fragile items. Moreover, an experienced realtor will make sure a company offers a lot of options when it comes to liability coverage. You don’t want to end up with a broken chair or a cracked flat screen TV with low reimbursement. So, the best thing to do is to hire a realtor who knows that you shouldn’t trust all kinds of moving reviews online. One reliable company that you’ll definitely be satisfied with is Melrose based professionals that can relocate your belongings. They will make sure to transport everything to the desired location without leaving any kind of damage to your belongings.

Compare reviews from several movers

Pick a reliable site to compare moving reviews

The first thing to have in mind when you want to compare reviews is to use reputable and trustworthy review sitesGuest posting sites are the way to go. You don’t have to worry about running into a review that is false on such websites. They serve to give people a chance to talk about their honest opinions that can be of great help to others. Everyone has the chance to share their personal opinion and knowledge on these sites.

Once you’ve gone through a couple of reviews and experiences of others, you can start by comparing a couple of important aspects:

  • compare the prices 
  • find additional services offered
  • compare moving quotes

You can always ask a friend to review a mover

If you have a close friend that has recently moved, see how they liked the moving company. You can comprise a list of questions about the movers or let the friend tell you all about it. If they had a positive experience, you will know that it is safe to opt for that company. If not, however, try to figure out what mistake they made when choosing the company. Maybe they were tricked by all the amazing reviews about the movers. This is precisely why it is crucial to understand moving reviews on the internet and know what to be on the lookout for.