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How to Become a Professional Chauffeur



For people who like driving & the open road trip, there are  lots of attractions in the idea of becoming a professional chauffeur. To add to those attractions, you only should consider the perhaps sad fact of life that for most of us. For making a professional chauffeur, you should follow instruction which are explained below.

What is Chauffeur insurance?

Insurance for chauffeurs is designed specifically to cover drivers of luxury, high value cars, which are carrying passengers who imagine a high class of service. Usually,  chauffeur drivers are polite & discreet, dressed smartly in a dark suit and tie, boots & a hat and gloves. They will considerately open doors for passengers, assist along with loading & unloading of any luggage and they are likely to have undergone extra driver training courses. A typical Chauffeur insurance or decision-making hire service does not use a base office and a radio and only offers pre-booked jobs; they will have a limousine or executive type vehicle &  will either be pre-paid on an account basis or by credit or debit card.

  1. Maturity

That’s usually considered to be both in terms of your attitude to life & your age. Comparatively few if any private clients or PCO hire companies will take on very young chauffeurs, as they may not be considered to have enough driving experience to handle extravagance vehicles. Keep in mind also that some insurance policies for luxury vehicles may have minimum ages set at 25, 30 or 35 years of age.

  1. A clean driving license and record

This may be hard to coax an employer to take you seriously if you have a history of motoring or other convictions.

  1. A faultless professional appearance

In the few situations, your employer may need you to wear some form of uniform or livery though that is becoming less commonplace. More realistically, they may expect you to dress spotlessly and to take extreme pride in your personal appearance. Scruffiness, an unkempt appearance & issues of personal hygiene will be totally unacceptable.

As is the case in there are lots of industries, securing your first position can be difficult because you will lack a visible track record as an experienced driver. So, make applications & be realistic initially about the salary level you can command  & the nature of the vehicles you may be requested to drive at the onset.