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How Kraft Boxes Helps In Safe Transportation of Items



kraft boxes

Companies’ first priority is to deliver their items safe and sound to the wholesalers and retailers. A product is useless if it does not reach its target place intact and in one piece. Shipping plays an important part in business as every product after manufacturing has to be sent to its final destination that can be in the same city or outside the city which requires stronger shipping resources and plan. It must seem like a trivial task but it is not.

Why Transportation Has To Be Effective And Safe?

Transportation Cost 1Transportation 1

A product spends half of its life in transportation, from manufacturers to wholesalers to distributors, and retailers. During this process there is chance of miss handling or any mishap that can lead to a serious disaster like falling or any hit while loading or unloading the product. So it is necessary to pack the items in the correct custom kraft boxes according to their nature.

Kraft boxes are the new sensation in the market regarding packaging and shipping. A carton that is strong enough to hold the product and also fits is the most suitable as it prevent falling or misplacing. Kraft packaging is brown in color by default and can be further tinted into any color and shape or size. These boxes are proved to be the best for shipping items all around without any damage.


Kraft boxes are made from a kraft process which is different from others that make it stronger and flexible in nature. It is made from softwood, usually pine tree, it has longer fibers which give the paper its strength. It goes through the same process as other paper boards that are chipping, pulping and rolling. The difference is that kraft process does not go through bleaching that is another factor which makes it stronger than other paper boards. Higher quantity of sulfur and cellulose contributes in the strength.

Kraft boxes are strong and rigid which makes it best for shipping items without any damage. These boxes can be customized in different shapes, sizes, and thickness by layering. They easily absorb shocks and hits which keep the product save inside the box. Delivering the products safe and sound not only increase the business but also develop customer satisfaction by creating a positive brand image.

Transportation Cost:

Shipping costs a lot of money depending on the size and weight of the product. It is important to keep a check on all the factors that directly affect the cost on a package.  Good news is that kraft packaging is really light in weight which helps reduce the overall weight of an item. Reusability of these boxes is an important factor that helps in reducing the cost for new boxes. Used boxes that are no longer in use can be used again.

Transportation Cost 2

Custom kraft boxes allow you to adjust size of the boxes that are not larger than the products. The benefit of custom size is that it takes less space on the truck and storage rooms which means less expense.

Moisture Resistant:

Sometimes shipping takes a lot of time and has to face diverse weather conditions that can spoil the package due to water or moisture. To prevent such type of loss a weather resistant packaging is required that does not let any moisture invade inside the box and ruin your merchandise. There is nothing to panic about when we have a solution for all of your worries kraft packaging as it can provide protection against water, oil, grease, and moisture if waxed properly. It provides superior protection and package integrity during shipping and delivery which keeps fragile items safe and prevents it from any kind of damage even if stored for a longer period of time.

Environmental Friendly:

Kraft packaging is the most Eco-friendly packaging among all of the other cardboard, plastic or glass because of the raw material, manufacturing process, and recyclability.

Environmental Friendly 1

The material used in manufacturing is all natural and cheap that is easily available all the time and the byproducts of the manufacturing process can also be used in other manufacturing processes, leaving minimum waste behind.  Kraft packaging is popular because of its bio-degradable nature which leaves no waste behind and reduces environmental pollution.


Designing and embellishment increase the attraction of the box and create brand value in the market which in turn increase loyal customers that results in increased sales. Custom kraft boxes can be designed in different colors and company logos to make an impressive image in the market. It helps in recognition of the brand and differentiates it from others.

These factors collectively contribute in an effective transportation of a product. Let us have a brief look at the fact that if a box is strong but does not have a proper name or instruction on it. Or look at the other side of the story, a box designed perfectly with beautiful colors and designs but not able to protect the product from any mishap.

Custom kraft boxes has lessened the worry of finding the right box for your product that gives its right image and also provides enough protection. It offers all kind of options to choose from the type and grade of custom kraft boxes thickness according to the product’s requirement, and design it in a way that best describes your brand.