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How Kids Can Learn Modern Greek Quickly Through Online Marketing Courses?



Modern Greek should not be confused with ancient Greek. This Greek of antiquity is still taught in many schools and universities. Formerly, it was the language of philosophy and science. The ancient traveller also used ancient Greek as the lingua franca. The Modern Greek is in turn the mother tongue of 13 million people. It developed from ancient Greek. It is difficult to say exactly when Modern Greek appeared. But what is certain is that its construction is simpler than that of ancient Greek.

However, many archaic forms are still present in Modern Greek. It is also a very unified language, which does not present strong dialects. It is written with the Greek alphabet which is nearly 2500 years old. It is interesting to know that Greek is one of the languages ​​with the richest vocabulary. When we like to learn vocabulary, we should start with Greek…

Greek language learning is not so difficult nowadays. There are so many ways to learn foreign languages through online marketing courses. Take the first steps with a simple free online course.

You will begin by learning the basic structures of the language. Model dialogues help you to express yourself in the foreign language. Prior knowledge is not necessary. The confirmed can also revise and consolidate their knowledge. Because we only learn correct and repeated sentences often and we can immediately use them. You will be able to make yourself understood through a correct language in everyday situations. Take advantage of your lunch break or time spent travelling to learn Greek for a few minutes. You can learn on the move as at home. You stay mobile while having Greek always on you.

The initiative is based on the interaction of students both with the teachers and with the other classmates from all over the world. Entitled ” Modern Greek as a Foreign Language: Elementary Level “, the program was created to help students who do not know about modern Greek language learning.

The service is free and is offered following registration for online university courses of Greek culture. The program, open to all, without prerequisites and criteria, also offering a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

The frequency of the courses will allow students to learn the Modern Greek Language Learning and develop basic language skills, necessary to understand the everyday language in various fields and situations (for example interpersonal and telephone communication, commercial transactions, communication with a doctor and other activities daily).

Other e-learning programs of Modern Greek Language Learning:

·        Also offers a wide variety of online courses. The “e-learning” programs combine innovative teaching techniques that involve interaction with the teacher, exclusively working with each of the students, using an easy-to-manage online teaching platform.

·        The subjects cover various themes, from Greek archeology and philosophy to the modern global economy, and also to ancient and Mediterranean culture, thus providing a deep understanding of the roots of Western civilization. ·        Learn Greek with the “50 languages” App on Android and iPhone – The app “50 languages” of Android and iPhone is the ideal tool for those who want to learn Greek even offline. The app is available for both Android phones and tablets as well as for iPhone and iPad. The apps include 30 free lessons from the Greek book program 2. They also contain texts and games to learn the language. The audio material in book 2’s MP3 is also part of our Greek language course. You can download all the MP3 audio material for free.

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