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How digital transformation impacts Inbound Call Centre Services?



When the internet stepped its foot in the market, it brought a revolution not only in the business industry but in the entire world. And everything has changed till then. From the education system to communication to hospitality and more, nothing remained the same.

Today, if you want you can reach out to anybody in a few seconds or minutes. If you want, you can do shopping and order food without being present physically in the shop, and you can do a lot more with just a few clicks and taps.

With the emergence of technology, everything has become easy, and people have got smarter. Now, they can find every detail of the brand and its product within a snap of fingers. Customers can, now, make purchase decisions based on the online feedback, the specific product or brand has received.

With digitization, the whole business industry has become competitive, and everyday businesses have to face new challenges. So, all of them are advised to proceed along with the changes and always keep themselves updated with new and advanced technologies and strategies.

On the one hand, digitization has made the business path very challenging, however, on the other side, it’s a boon for the business industry. How? Well, that’s what this blog is all about. I will take you through various advantages that digital transformation offers to all companies and help them deliver the best inbound call centre services to customers. So let’s get started-

Impact of digital transformation:

Digital self-service portals let customers help themselves

Digital self-service portal, as the name suggests the service is built to let customers help themselves and solves their queries without the assistance of any call centre agents. The self-service portal not only assists customers with a personalized experience but also unburdens the agents working to offer excellent inbound call centre services. The most common self-service portals include FAQs, knowledge base, discussion forums, training videos and more.

A few benefits that it offers are:

  • Reduces Customer Service Costs
  • Improve Agent Productivity
  • Teach Customers New Skills
  • Boosts Site Traffic
  • Leverage Personalized Information
  • Increase Positive Customer Recommendations
  • Enrich Social Engagement

Easy to anticipate customer’s needs through analytics

When we talk about digital transformation, technologies such as analytics, CRM software, and artificial intelligence tools are the term that strikes first in our mind. Analytics plays the most critical role in reshaping the business industry, especially the call centres.

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping customers happy and satisfied is to anticipate their needs, and that’s where analytics come into play. Call centre analytics is an ultimate source of data that keep records of every conversation, message, email, social media chat, web chat and more. It helps call centres to create actionable insights and anticipate customers’ needs by providing access to the managers and supervisors.

Offer end-to-end solutions

Offering a quirky and isolated service isn’t the only and everything that businesses, nowadays, seek. But all of them wants a service that will streamline their entire business process. Therefore, they are now looking for strategic partners with valuable marketing insights.

For instance, a call centre that once focused on just sending invoices for a client now handles an entire account payable workflow from purchase orders being raised to collecting the payment against the invoice.

Delegating such processes to the experts frees up the businesses and their employees to focus on the core competencies.

Intelligent automation offers your customers an edge

In recent years, developers have created excellent marketing automation tools to help businesses maintain their role as the industry leader. And, for the same reason, companies are consistently looking for such cutting-edge service or software that can help businesses to achieve a new height and always let them stay a step ahead of their competitors. Intelligent automation is quite efficient in enhancing the productivity of the agents and ensures that they make the least possible errors.

Simultaneously, call centres can use intelligent automation to streamline operations by quick processing and analysing orders in a highly-accurate manner, hence, reducing the workload for the quality assurance team.

Cloud storage: unlimited storage and easy access

Unquestionably, cloud storage is the most secure and best option to store data online. The cloud technology has made the process of data storing quite organized. Now, data recovery and sharing have also become very easy. Apart from this, the technology has infinite storage that lets users store unlimited data.

A few benefits of cloud storage are:

  • Easy usability and accessibility
  • Easy to recover lost data
  • Your data remains safe and secured
  • It’s cost saving
  • Easy sharing and more.

Final Words

Digital transformation has helped call centres to take proactive approaches based on the information extracted from analytics. Being a BPO company, now, you can have unique and more personalized interactions and ultimately drive repeat business.