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How Custom Printed Cups Are Useful for Beloved?



The popularity of the Custom printed cups is rising at an astonishing rate over a period of time. People are using the stuff as gifts for special occasions. In fact, many users are taking DIY routes to express their feelings in an impeccable manner. If you want to kiss and make up to the beloved, here are some ideas that would help you to accomplish the task without any hassles.

printed mugs


One of the most important aspects of the cups is that they can be personalized in different formats. They are made of ceramic materials that are not only durable but can also last for a very long time.  You can use them to drink water or coffee apart from as a gift. They imbibe sublimation print; therefore, it would stay forever in spite of being loaded with hot or cold water. A perfect gift for Valentine would go a long way in capturing the heart of the loved ones.

Designs can be printed on both sides of the mugs; therefore, it looks more colourful and can drive the message home without any problem.

DIY Route:

You can take the DIY route to accomplish the objectives. In some cases, sublimation technology is used to create amazing love messages on the cups. They can last for a very long time and seal the romance between the couples. Dye sublimation is also known for creating high-resolution picture quality. They provide clear sharp finishes that cannot be obtained with a conventional printing mechanism.

Direct screen printing is essential when bulk items are to be produced. They are cheaper and can provide mugs according to the requirements and the specifications of the customers.

custom printed cups

Important Tips:

One of the most important tips is to get a plain ceramic mug for the project. It is quite sturdy and durable compared to other substances.  Take a photo of the beloved on the camera as it would be imprinted on the mug.

Waterside decal paper is incorporated into the eclectic mix to deliver sterling results to the users. They are quite effective compared to other options available in the market.
You should log onto the computer and access the picture editor application. It is vital to reduce the size of the images to about 3 inches. After printing the image on the inkjet printer, it is essential to soak the decal in the water for few minutes.

It will help to loosen the image so that the transfer can be facilitated in an easy and hassle-free manner. Stick the picture to the mug to complete the job within the shortest possible time frame. One should also carefully peel the back side of the image to impart professional finishing to the mug.
After cooling the whole area, you can spray the resin sealer on the mug and enjoy the new appearance.


An inexpensive way to make the mug look attractive is to use stickers. They are of amazing shapes and sizes to capture the imagination of the people. You should find the options according to the desires and preferences. For instance, buy the birthday message sticker for the special occasions.
In order to find the effective piece, research extensively and do not buy from small-time stores. It is better to visit reputed portals in order to enhance the attraction quotient of the mug. They are essential pieces of the puzzle that can transform the mug into a powerful gift for the recipient.

To make the product look different, one can also print layers of dots over the stickers. It is bound to make the design funkier for the users.