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Honeymoon in Greece around the New Year? Make it Special with One of these 7 Places



Getting married in November or December and thinking of the place abroad for honeymooning?

Settle down on visiting Greece somewhere around the New Year and you won’t regret your decision for once. Greece is buzzing with activities and preparation of the festive celebrations. Being a part of the place during that time would create a great time as a couple that you can reminiscence over in the following years of togetherness.


If you want any ideas on the places to be in when the peak festivities of the New Year are taking part, here’s a list for you to go through so that you can as your travel manager upfront to get this place included in your Greece Honeymoon Tour Package.

1. Athens

It’s all about lights, musical concerts, fireworks and activities that abuzz the marketplace. Most of the places have their own arrangements and ideas to mark a beautiful end of the year and welcome the new one. You can have the best New Year celebrated in the World’s Ancient Capital.

Source: padfield

2. Peloponnese Peninsula

You can see Santa Clause’s house made with love by the locals. Handmade takeaway souvenirs and pastries for the New Year’s Eve are sometimes the best things you can do at festive times like this.

Peloponnese Peninsula
Source: cyplon

3. Crete

This is the place to be in the New Year when you can witness the cutting of the traditional Vasilopita Cake and exchange of gifts. This largest island in Greece with great beaches and a history to comb through is a great place to be in your New Year as well as new life.


4. Santorini

The island in Greece is already on the list of must-visit-and-relax places especially of the honeymooner and romantic daydreamers. The New Year event only makes it more special. Looking for the best party, you cannot go wrong with Santorini.


5. Rhodes Island

Another place that makes the New Year festivities all the more special is Rhodes Island with its great beaches and sea waves, history to catch you unawares and valleys to trek and hike. So own memories of this place catching celebrations of the New Year and go beyond when the celebrations’ are over.

Rhodes Island

6. Corfu Island

Celebrations in the Corfu Island mostly mean the Christmas and the New Year which make the island doubly worth to be in during this special time of the year. If you have some local acquaintance, there could be nothing better than feasting, dancing, singing and exchanging gifts on the first day of the New Year.

Corfu Island

7. Zakynthos Town

Thinking of a place with myriad offerings just when the festivities are over? Don’t look beyond Zakynthos Town where you get most of the things packed in one: beaches, wooded slopes, a fortress, huge harbour with jetties, and glimpses of Italian architecture that got destroyed in an earthquake of 1953.

Zakynthos Town

The experience of New Year in Greece is quite unique, given the different culture and traditions to go with and different ways to be together yet in active celebration. In Greece, in one hand you have Thessaloniki to celebrate New Year with a bash and in other hands the Mykonos for a tranquil-intimate type celebration. Choose your kind of pick for the Honeymoon Package to Greece.